This is about a garden elf

They don’t make that much noise because they can’t have anyone find out who they are and what they do. The elves are really good at sneaking , hiding and planing.

What do they grow?

They have a small farm onto of the mountain and they grow fruit and vegetables such as apples matey some pears , carrots and mabey cabbage and lettice. An garden elf worked on these farms and the garden elf plants them and picked them when they are ready to come out. It makes sure that the food stays fresh and to not leave it out in cold weather.


You may find a garden elf on the farm because theire habitat is to be on a farm,plus they are good because they present no danger th humans or other thing such as animals. They like to plant veg and fruit , and they check on the veg and fruits every morning , midday and every night.

What do they look like?

Garden elves sometimes wear the colour of caramel hats and teal clothes. Sometimes they wear blossom flower on the hat . They have the colour blond hair. Pointy ears and sometimes boy ones have short hair and a long grey beard .


Just remembering in snowy cold weathers and you can not leave the fruit and vegetables out , otherwise they will not be healthy and you can’t eat them.Not much people see garden elves because they are really small and every thing they own is small.

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