Big Ben Broudcasting

Big Ben standing in glory broadcasting the time to all of London like a massive watch

the army fighting for the lives and all their country and their family in WWII

all the F1 cars racing in the grand pix tournament for money and supporters

Mountains standing in amusement letting people climb its rocky body for goals.

I want to paint the memory of my nightmare letting my dream be taken over and scaring me to shreds

I want to paint the smell of the family cooking up Christmas dinner for the whole family

I want to paint my memory of me getting my first pc for Christmas for the first time and I didn’t want to drop it

I want to paint new shoes waiting to be used for running and to be bought so they can have fun

I want to paint the distance between Liverpool 14 points away from winning the premier league but Man City won

I want to paint the anger waiting to be let out so it can do its favourite job.

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