Hostile Hide Rangers and Other Deadly Plants

Hostile Hide Rangers are a terrible sight to see.

They even eat anything, like the tiniest bee!

They could even gobble up a bite of you or me,

As their bright yellow flowers weave tight around a tree.


Then there are deathly daisies (yes they do exist)

They have so much poison their remains whip up a mist.

They look so very pretty, you simply can’t resist,

But touch them you’ll turn purple and cease to exist.



This one is the worst…

It’s so bad you’ll think you’re cursed.

They crawl along the food, like a spider egg they burst.

They climb into your hair, unless you see them first. 

They will even eat your fresh cut hair.

So what is this true nightmare?

The dastardly human bean!



The carnivorous conqueror has a cold-hearted stare!

They’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere!

They roll around like bouncy footballs that simply can’t be beat,

But they are eaten really quickly just like meat.

Now for a surprising fact, so hold on to your seat.

To hostile hide rangers, they are such a lovely treat.

One Response to “Hostile Hide Rangers and Other Deadly Plants”

  1. I really like this poem because it rhymes at the end of every verse.why did you decide to call your flower the hostile hide rangers?To make this poem even better you could change some of the words you used twice for another word.

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