Infinite Glasses by Bella SWW

Infinite Glasses! by Bella SWW

Are you looking to embark on an adventure but you don’t know what dangers await you? Are you the type of person that misses important bits of what you are seeing? Do you wish to go back in time? Then why not buy the all new, thoroughly tested, Infinite Glasses. Don’t be in the rain with the tatty umbrella whilst the other spies are relaxing on the beach!

The Infinite Glasses, are super useful, they do all sorts of things and no one but you notices and no matter what they still look like ordinary glasses. These glasses have many features:
• They can make what you are seeing slower and faster, if programmed to
• They can see through walls and underground, if programmed to
• They came rewind what you are seeing, if programmed to
• You can adjust how far you can see with them (they can see further than binoculars)
• They are also water proof.

This spy gadget can create other gadgets such as: a time machine watch, laser pen, smoke ball (this is special smoke that does not affect the environment) and adjustable hover boots. If in need, you can conjure a laser, out of the sides of these already perfect glasses, by just thinking of it. (No harm shall be performed on your enemies).

Just to make this gadget better, only you can perform these amazing skills with them, others can wear them though. Only you can perform the skills because it scans your eye as soon as you try. So make sure to have your eye scanned before buying.

These glasses have been highly recommended by Roald Dahl (a spy for the MI6 in the US).

They come free with a glasses case and a bargain of 20% off for a spy.
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