My Curiosity My curiosity is made from- A dictionary of everything, spilling these words unstoppably into my head A vortex of intelligence, leaking mindfulness and consideration inside my mind A stone-grey cat, clumsily knocking plants off the windowsill, annoying my mother The fearfulness of a mouse, scampering away from a marmalade kitten

You can find my curiosity- Crouched stealthily in a litter of kittens, absorbing the love and affection of the others Stranded in the unknown contents of the universe, observing the mysteries that surrounds it scrapped in a junkyard, waiting patiently to be recycled, like it has all the tine in the world washed up on an uncharted island, like a marauder stranded with no ship to sail home with

My curiosity can- construct unknown constellations into reality, like a architect designing a mansion cascade down a ravine like a hero rescuing a lost explorer who has traveled miles until stopped adventure into the unknown and discover the lost contents of our lush, green planet

If I lost this curiosity- the world would fall out of control and even the birds on our roof would change…

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