Through The Black Door by Winnie SWW

Through the black door.


Through the admiral blue door,

you can hear the song of a humpback whale, that dances through the vast ocean,

arctic icicles waltz and shatter over cobalt flamingos


. In the room of rouge,

coral fish tango over pink lemonade lakes,

hot pink roses sing over fields

that roll like cotton candy.


In the room of chalk white,

Albino peacocks stride through pearl coloured fire,

diamonds hide in amongst frosted rings

that coat the moon in black frost.


In the room of juniper,

emerald parakeets sing sweet songs,

as trees gently swing over India green grass.


In the room of topaz,

pumpkin sands coat the

marmalade like water

and tigers stride over the soft mud.


In the room of black,

Tar flows down the street and will swallow you

into a dark oblivion.

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