What is? Amara-Stone

What is?

What is heavy? Anticipation running through my body,a friendship with being happy and a trust being relied on.
What is light? A feather falling from the sky, a piece of paper ready for its turn to be drawn on and a puppy just born.
What is big? A horse galloping into the distance never saw again, the world spinning passing sun and moon and happiness being spread around the world.
What is small? Crystals like glass about to brake, a hamster wondering what its like outside its cage and hail crashing down into millions of pieces scatted around
What is hot? The sun shining on my body keeping me warm.
What is cold? Snowflakes falling on my body.
What is kind? A field of grass keeping each other company.
What is unkind? A shooting star ending.
What is frail? A leaf swaying down to the ground, a raindrop slowly coming to an end and a spider web squeezed into a corner on a rainy day.
What is tough? A star stood on its own being brave.
What is lonely? A flower on its own without anyone to play with in the rain.
What is a crowd? Rain falling connecting together making a puddle.

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