Magical doors


Go and open the lavender door,

maybe there is a juicy grape tree,

soft violets scattered along the floor,

Or the purple outline of the galaxy in the sky.


Go and open the teal door,

maybe there is the ocean washing up the shrinking shore,

puya flowers leading you in,

Or the soft stare of a blue eye.


Go and open the mint door,

maybe there is ivy growing in the doorway greeting you,

the soft scent of peppermint entering your nose,

or the sound of a four leafed clover crunching under your feet.


Go and open the scarlet door,

maybe there will be a trail of mushrooms greeting you a warm welcome,

an apple tree being circled by a parrot,

or people anxiously looking for the dragonspine crystal. 


Go and open the hazelnut door

maybe you will take a sip of warm coffee,

spot a hedgehogs child,

or watch a squirrel get ready for the winter.


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