If I were summond To create a treasure I would Take:

The taste of,

The deadly venom of an Anaconda’s bite,

The fatal bite of a Nile crocodile,

and a powerful beak of a magical Toucan .


The sight of,

The crisp view at the top of Mount Chiliad,

A stone sphere found in Costa Rica,

and Thor’s hammer was found by the 10th century viking.

The feeling of,

The chill of a death diving avalanche,

red dawarfs found in mercury,

and an earthquake  happened randomly.

The sound of,

Anglo-Saxon fighting in the distance ,

Roman warriors charging into city

and war spreading around Britain.


The touch of,

The Galaxy shivers as I poke the earth’s core,

A rockey crater in the solar system

and the planet crashing into each other making asteroids.






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