question poem

Question poem


What are warm? The thought of a warm hot chocolate with marshmallows on the cold day , going for a walk with the California sun .

What are cold? The thought of your friends shoulder turned , the thought of going for a walk in the rainy day with family around the street .


What are bright? The glisten of the stars at night, the shine of a freshly cleaned diamond on display in a museum, 

And a fresh new clean car blinding your eyes.

What are dark? The haunted house is Disney land ,the nights sky at midnight on new year’s eve and my emo sisters bedroom .


What are innocent ? The look of a fluffy teddy bear resting on your bed waiting for you to get home , the smile of a Newborn baby resting, an angel hovering over a child.

What are scary ? The look of the scary doll haunting you, the dark night and not knowing what will come , the look of Louisa when she is hangry .

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