What Are…?

What are quiet?

An upset soul, a butterfly’s wing fluttering in the rain and a birds first feather hitting the ground.

What are loud? 

My dog belting out a bark at the slightest of noises, the ice-cream van humming its tune and a sirens song from the bottom of the sea. 


What are happy?

The colour yellow all bright and shinney, the sun blasting its rays of sunshine and a flower field in the middle of nowhere.

What are sad? 

A rainbow that frowns and hides behind all its happy colours, the sea as its waves crash and the sky when it rains.  


What are quick?

The days of our lives slipping away, your heart as it beats up and down and car chase.

What are slow?

Boredom eating away at our brains, a snail as it prays for food and the wait for something great to happen. 

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