James adventure

James was a very crazy boy. He would do lots of dangerous things like climb out of school and tell his friends to kick the football in his face. He was a troublesome boy who would always get in trouble/grounded. It was a freaky friday for him so he went out. When he passed the emporium, he saw the lights were on and without even thinking, he went inside the massive emporium.


Everywhere he looked, he saw magical things like giant books. Giant bookshelves turned small and big every time. He saw popcorn that were giant, some giant gummy bears and worms. On the ground he saw loads of books lying there. He saw so many myth books, creepy/scary books and some dragon books. There was only one phoenix book,he tried to open it but he couldn’t,  so he saw a lock on it he tried to find and he found it in one of the gummy bears but he didn’t know how he was going to get it out he thought he had to eat the gummy bear and he did because it was so big his stomach became giant he got the key out and he opened the lock. When he opened it he heard someone whistling and he jumped. He thought it was natural because it is a freaky friday for him so he read the book till the end. Then there was some banging going on outside.


“I see you read my book of phoenix’s,” shouted a voice. James got frightened and walked as he saw the owner with a small baby phoenix on his shoulder. His eyes were like diamonds shining in the sun, with his emerald leg.

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