Life full Emporium

The lifeful Emporium

There are some places that express themself and bring you in. These places were made to be seen , for customers to walk in amazed.The dangerous Emporium was not like that.

Even though, rainbow twinkles dangled down, trying to pull you in. Even though, millions of toys sat in the window, watching, waiting for a person to find them. Even though, the smell of cake hovered around the room, the warm light watching that door to make that small a creak. Even though crackles and murmurs filled your ears, nobody even dared a look.

There has been seen someone go in, but never was seen again. Parents of this girl were worried as hell but nobody even thought a thing about. But Daisy was really concerned, so it was her time to find out a mystery like she always wanted to when she was younger.

Chapter 1

Daisy lived in a small house with her family. She always dreamed of being a police officer to find out mysteries and because she is finding out mysteries today she said goodbye to her family hoping it won’t be forever. Her Mum bought her favorite snack just in case. A snack can make your day. She packed her fake gun and water in her backpack and walked up to the street. She squished her face up to the window on the shop. A lightening grey eye flashed in the shop but she remained calm. She pulled open the heavy door, stepped in, making the door slam behind her.

The shop was pitch black and nothing to be seen. Was everything in the window and illusion? She scanned her hand on the wall trying to find a light switch. When she found it, she pressed it and the light flicked on. ” Hey what are you doing here I was sleeping shouted a loud voice . Daisy gasped! Are you a customer”? said the girl. Yes said daisy , feeling worried now. Go down though those stairs all your questions will be answered. Daisy did as she was told. Down the stairs, was shelfs filled with gold twinkles and toys. She found a chair with a huge brown book laying on it . Daisy walked towards it and opened the first page.

A deep voice echoed in front of her. “I see you have found my book of wonders”. Daisy jumped out of her chair dropping the book on the floor. ” Ahh be with careful that” replied the voice. “Why is this this place filled with boxes?” answered Daisy. ” This place is invisible to some people and visible to some”. “How said Daisy.” ” I cant answer the question yet but all I can say is when you and in this place there is no way back out.

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