My Magical Museum

There are some places that are always crowded; places that always have people in no matter what day of the week- whether it’s: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, you get the idea. Well, my Magical Museum is nothing like that.

Since it is enclosed by forest, ivy had surrounded it, making it invisible to the world. Everyone who walks by never gives it a single glance.

No one that is, until Vanessa Strong.

Chapter 1-The mystery behind the ivy covered door Vanessa reached for the handle covered in ivy and twisted it until ‘CLICK’ the door was open Vanessa has always been a mysterious figure no one really knew much about her, so no one noticed her walk inside.

She looked left, she looked right, and with everything she saw her eyes widened. She was stunned in amazement as she glanced at : hanging cages filled with animals she didn’t even know existed; magic wands dancing around the room; In the corner of the room was one singular cage and in it the was the cutest baby dragon. But the thing that caught her eye the most was the leather book labelled The Magic Book of Mystery.

Vanessa reached for the pen next to the book about to wright in it ” I wouldn’t do that if I were you” said a raspy voice in the corner. Vanessa fell backwards in shock. The man came out of the corner, reached out a hand and lifted Vanessa from the floor. The one thing that Vanessa noticed first were the crows on ether shoulder giving her a disapproving look.

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