The Book!



There are some shops that are better off without customers. This emporium was one of them.


Even though, you could hear the amazing choir singing your favourite christmas carols. Even though, you could see the astonishing decorations and candy canes bring the shop to life. Even though, you could smell freshly baked gingerbread men out of the chocolate caramel stained window.


Nobody dared to step a toe into that shop. Until one day, a little girl approached.


Chapter 1


Justina had always been curious about her mother’s shop but was forbidden to set foot in there. One windy evening, she decided to take a stroll down Ellsworth Lane while waiting for her mum to close down the shop when she sneaked a peek at the Emporium. Justina couldn’t believe it, the lights were on. She couldn’t help it.The shop was practically calling her name and it was true. After all, Justina didn’t know that the Emporium was magical. Being her curious self, she leaped inside.


The shop was filled with life and laughter as she slowly entered, Justina was amazed by how beautifully the Honey-Brown House was. Sparrows chirped christmas carols that flowed across the moonlight shop. Bowls of tempting caramel flavoured chocolate gave it a soulful smell of a cheery Christmas coming soon. Justina was baffled by the finely polished clocks, the crystal clear jars of hope. She also noticed a line of Matryoshka dolls toddling into a silk ruby- red velvet curtain. There was a desk. This desk was different to anything Justina had ever seen. The book was dusty and had the writing on it ‘TOP SECRET DON’T OPEN WITHOUT PERMISSION.` Justina was triggered to open it.


“Excuse me young miss,” a voice calmly said. Justina turned around to see an old woman staring at her with bold eyes. “I think you have my book.” she pointed at it slowly. “Urmm….” Justina was scared.


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