The Book of Creation-Chloe SWW

The Book of Creation.

There are some places that are packed so full it feels like you’re suffocating. Maybe it feels like drowning in a mass of legs and arms. Or an especially big, thick, bony carpet. The Glass Emporium was like that.

Even though, cobwebs covered lamps in endless layers, making it dark and uninviting. Even though, eerie voices echoed around the dimly lit corridors. Even though, mysterious shadows clung onto grimy stone walls, like limpets. Even though, ivy wound its way around crumbling chimneys.

Everyone who entered, never came back. No one that is until Khani.

Chapter 1

Khani’s mother always told her that Kiwi would get her into trouble. Reflecting on her adventure, Khani supposed she was right, but was too stubborn to admit it. It was humid day, full of people bustling round on the streets, when the hamster ran off, scared of the neighbour’s dog. Khani ran after the little fur ball, dashing into the street, watching the slightly dumb hamster bumping into walls. By chance, Kiwi dashed into a door, left slightly ajar by the shopkeeper. Barely even knowing she was doing it, she dived through the door, and onto the disgruntled hamster. The door slammed shut.

Khani was in a small room, covered in cobwebs. It was almost like the disused attic at home. Scooping Kiwi up, she looked around. A small pad was on the wall, the only smooth, soft thing in the room. Khani knelt against it, sighing. All was still. Then a loud bang emitted from the wall, knocking her over. Kiwi squeaked in terror. Behind him, Khani met the amazing sight that changed her life. Royal blue fish, yes, fish, flew in the air, swooping, and diving, and… chattering to each other. A globe was pulsing with light, until it suddenly exploded into a firebird, that swooped into a black abyss. Out of the abyss came a galloping unicorn, that faded into sparkles. Khani watched snails do ballet, beetles do tap dancing, and snails playing mini trumpets. Kiwi tried to watch the hamsters doing hip hop performances, but his eyes couldn’t quite look straight. Instead, he decided to nibble a bit of chocolate, which he soon found out, made him fly. Soon, the delighted Khani, and the disgruntled hamster, reached a book. ‘The book of Creations.’

A tall, withered man built like a small mountain walked into the room. ”Get off my book of Creations!’ he croaked, terror in his dark green eyes. His grey, smooth hair stuck to his head. The wrinkled face contorted with fear and anger. ”Get out!”

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