Ashley SWW

Chapter 2 A Warning Disobeyed “I am the owner of the shop and my name is Lionel Messi” he said confidently. ” What is your name?” He replied with “I’m Harry”. “You may look around my shop but you must not touch my leather book” he explained. Once the owner had left, Harry looked around the shop and read some books. In the shop he noticed that the book was calling his name but he did not go to it. His mind was all jumbled of him wanting to take it, but also not wanting to take the book. Harry looked in the curtain and saw multiple doors. Harry about to leave, suddenly he found the book in his hands!!! Inside he saw words forming a picture that had words on he read, read and read till it was all done and then he realized that he was home.

Chapter 2 Without thinking, Harry picked up a rose gold pen which was on the side of the book. His hand seemed to have a mind of it’s own as it fluttered across the page. To Harry’s surprise, the pen had drawn a lime green beach hut. It stood on the edge of a pebbly beach. Gently closing the heavy book, Harry heard a screech, he turned his head, a seagull hovered above his shoulder. Follow me, it whispered. Harry followed the seagull through the red curtain and along the corridor. It stopped and pecked gently at a new wooden door. Harry grasped the bronze handle, turned it and stepped into the room. Para 6 He stepped through the door and found himself not in a room but in the picture. Harry tasted the salty air, the soft sea gently washed smooth pebbles, and seagulls flew high above the lime green beach hut.

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