Chapter 2 by Cayden

Chapter 2 A Warning Disobeyed Para 1 “I am Rick and this is my shop,” said the old man, walking to the door. “This shop is magnificent ” replied Nick , “You may look around my shop. boy but you must not touch my old dusty book on the shelf” he explained, to the boy.

Once the owner had left, Nick looked around the shop in amazement. Nick had never seen eny think so brit and sprkly in his life. In the shop Nick noticed the book. But he colld’nt stop stering at the book.

Nick opened it. Inside Nick saw what was in sid the book there was numbers, riting and pikters of the shop. the delket pajis contained hevy riting.

Without thinking, Nick drew a beech with golden sand and see-through clear water. Nick looked at what he had drawn.

Nick closed the book and headed through the curtain. He walked and stood in front of a humongous golden heavy door. He turned the rusty door handle and pushed the gold door open.

He stepped through the door and found himself not in a room but on a beech.

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