The Evil Emporium

Chapter 2- I’ll be back

‘I’m s-sorry sir, I don’t know w-where I am, I’ll leave now,’’ Vincent replied shaking in his boots. The man just laughed. As he was laughing, Vincent’s fear was replaced with confusion and a concerned feeling. When the man’s laughter died down, he said ‘There’s no need to be scared! Anyway, my name is Stephen Silver and I own this emporium, this is the ancient book of spells now get out!’’ he yelled. Vincent was now trembling; his eyes were pricked with tears, and he couldn’t get any words to come out of his mouth. ‘I-I do d-deeply apologize Mr. Silver, I’ll be leaving now,’’ Vincent whispered.

Stephen glared at him for one last time before spinning on his heels and going through a purple, velvet curtain. What had Vincent got himself into? When Mr. Silver had left, Vincent’s conscience dragged him back to the book. He skimmed through the book of spells until he found a pen in between two pages. Before he picked it up, he saw a white cat. It had the same deep red eyes as Steven. It also wore a black and green striped bowtie. It stared at Vincent through the curtain. The pen was black and carved into it was, ‘upon writing a spell, shall the writer enter its dimension’. Vincent thought about it and suddenly, an idea popped in his head. He didn’t notice that the cat was slowly walking to him. He finished writing the spell. ‘Good luck!’ Vincent jumped out of his skin. He looked at the cat. ’D-did you just talk?’

‘Yes, Yes I did, anyhow I’m Strange!’ the cat said.

‘Indeed, you are,’ Vincent murmured.

‘Well thank you but I- HEY! My name is strange, but I may be peculiar in your eyes. Like I said, good luck!’ Strange whispered before jumping up and disappearing. ‘Woah,’ Vincent gasped. When he snapped out of his trance, he looked back at the book, took a deep breath and started saying the spell he wrote.

Why did I do this? Why am I here? Why do I let curiosity get the better of me? They are the questions Vincent repeated in his gloomy mind.

After he recited the spell, a portal opened in front of him. His first though was to walk into it, but his train of thoughts was interrupted with a screech.  ‘I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE!’ Stephen shouted as loud as he could. Out of pure fear, Vincent ran into the portal. The portal disappeared as soon as Vincent stumbled out of it. The room was blank. With tears of worry streaming down his face, Vincent sat down.

Just then the room warped into Vincent’s kitchen. His dad was cooking, his brothers where in the middle of an arm wrestle with Vincent watching and his sister was talking with his mum. The scene that was of in front of him was frozen, but Vincent didn’t care; all his family, including him, had something that Vincent had never seen in years on their face.

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