The room

chapter 2- The room

As Lily was flicking through the book, Luciano towered over her menacingly. “Excuse me what are you doing,” Luciano said staring at her in disbelief. Lily jumped and her face went bright red. She looked at him then back down at the book then stepped away. “Look around all you want but do not touch the book please!” Luciano replied brutally.

She carried on looking around, but the book was still calling her over and she just couldn’t resist. She looked around then walked over then somehow started writing in book. She knew it wasn’t right and not to do it, but she couldn’t stop.

It was shadowy, mysterious forest with birds chirping, bugs creeping around everywhere and crispy leaves that crunched when you step on them. A long path that leads to big oak trees that rose over you, gleaming flowers as colorful as a rainbow and a rainfall that glistened in the sun light.

Suddenly as soon as she dropped the pen, a massive bird as black as night came out from the curtain and went over to her. It looked like it was trying to show her where to go. Lily followed the bird and came to a black door that said forest room. Lily didn’t know what to do as her heart trembled with nerves. She slowly put her hands on the door and pushed it. She stepped in it was everything she had imaged. She was filled with complete awe and surprise there was the birds and flowers she imaged. It was everything she imaged every single little detail about the room. By that time the bird had left her, and she was stood still.

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