Magic Fly

The Magic Fly is a rare butterfly has only been discorved one week ago on a tree in a rainforest, since it’s discorey scientest have been working 10 hours a day to find more about this rare creature.But how would you recognise it? REad on to find out.

The Magic Fly has not only have a body of a buterfly, however it also has a lot of unique features including antenas that can hear from miles away, wings that glow in the darck and eyes that can see in a pitch black sky. Shockingly it ways 8 kilograms.

The magic fly is easy to indentify with there rainbow spirals on it’s wings. Even though they cant go in forests they can still be found flying around fields. BE CAUTIOUS these magical creatures have been known for sprooting gliter around and guiding children to the park!

Many people believe the magic fly is vicious yet they couldnt be any further away from the truth. These creatures have long wings with one flap of its wing can turn day into night but you will think it is day but it is night! If you are lucky enough to see one you shoould take a picture as quick as you can If you come across one of these extraordinary creatures trap it in a glass and then let it out.[ BE warned the MAgic Fly is extremely fragile]

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