the Evel snack earth worm and caterpillar slash cat

The Evil Snake Earth Worm, Caterpillar Slash Cat.




The Evil Snake Earth Worm was recently discovered in the Hawaiian Islands. Scientists have been studying them and found out that they are capable of giving birth to seventeen babies at once. Although this reptile appears harmless, it could, if provoked, sting you with its venomous tail.  Read on to find out more fascinating facts about this reptile!



The Evil snake- Earth Worm has Multi-coloured eyes and a cheeky grin rainbow face. It has wings even though it can’t fly. It has cat ears and inside on them they are red.



Diet and not Diet

  • It eats rats, birds, humans, butterflies on its diet.
  • when it is not on diet bigots crisp, fries and sweets.


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