marvelous emporium

Are you a kid laying down on your sofa all the time? Are you looking at the wall all the time? If  so, enter our magical marvelous emporium and find out.


We provide the best experience.A trip to our roller coaster will shock your soul your welcome at any time. We offer :


  • Roller coasters 
  • Circus
  • House of legos/toys


For a day of sheer pleasure, “ run to our shop have fun till you stop “ ! Don’t be the last one to miss out on this lifetime experience. Enter now and have a treat. We have all rides.


  • Any dream comes true
  • All rides that you imagine
  • A portal that leads anywhere


You will regret missing our rides mysteries from the book of memories.


“ A great mystery,” explained Mr J william from the emporium.


1 prizes for toddlers 

2 kids go for less money

3 If you’re not interested, your money will return.


  • We open at weekends 1.00 am- and we close at 7.00.
  • Find us on of m32 on redcliffe street Fb9


Visit our website for more information and detail you can visit at any time.

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