How to keep chickens in your garden Benjamin SWW

How to keep chickens in your garden

Early chickens
When chicken were first domesticated, people used them to fight. The fighting was called cockfighting
and it was a religious purposes. It was used to settle a fight over two villages. Unusually, the way it worked was two chickens fight and whoever wins can take over the other persons land. Cockfighting is like bullfighting but the only difference is the animal and its chicken to chicken not bull to man. Also, they were able to feed many villages. At the very start of chicken they were a good medicine especially chicken broth.

What do you need?
To look after chickens you need the coop which they will be more on that later. You also need a rat proof shed to store you food and food and water. Chickens are lovely animals and they can be looked after with simple supplies and a bite of love. If you look at it you will find out that it is as easy as looking after rabbits or Guiney pigs. Slowly, you will get into the frame of mind and get used to the routine.

What is the agenda?
Amazingly, chickens get up at sunrise and wait until you release them into there run (it is the bit of grass they can run around in without leaving). Firstly, you open the coop and release the birds. The, you top up the food and water. After that, take the eggs from the nest boxes. Once you have done that, leave them until after lunch. That’s when you repeat the process.

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