The Rainbow Butterfly

The Rainbow butterfly is back! Surprisingly, the Rainbow butterfly has been extinct  for over 10,00​0 years. Today we have been into Hollow wood and seen a artist paint a picture of this creature. But later this artist has not been seen. This Butterfly has black and white swirly eyes to hypnotize and vanish a person. You can NOT look at this butterflies eyes for more than a second. As quick as cheetah this creature can fly and   has pastel colours and a yellow stinger on the face. This creature can’t die but if you can hypnotize quicker than this animal theirs a chance. There is only one in the whole world but you’d be surprised over 100,000 in a day people get hypnotized. This creature has been here for over a year without us knowing. If you have a pet they can get hypnotize but then they will help the butterfly hypnotized. Be careful where your pet rome around! Lockdown will be coming in till this animal is caught. If you ever go anywhere stay in your car. This butterfly is coming up with a new power to teleport to anyone outside. Luckily theirs a way to save a person it is potion but you will need to find the right words. Go in the library their is a section all about the Rainbow butterfly. Thank you for watching be careful!

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