the scary predator

Breaking news

Breaking news, there are three scientist that found out

There is a new creature that is living in a forest.

They called the creature the scary predator they say

That one of the scientist got killed right through the

Stomach, and they found the body stuck in a tree.


They say the scary predator lives underground even

It glides on trees, the food that the creature eats are

Birds, insects and rats the most food that it likes

Humans.  normally it was a normal bug in till acid

Went on it the memory wiped out now it kills all the 

Things that it sees.


The scary predator was getting chased by the army but the creature digs it took out 2 army tanks, then they took a photo of it then they put it in a cage.  


That’s the report they captured it they now put a poison in the creature it went crazy the hole lab fell to pieces.


  • I done a lot I think I worked well
  • I’ll work on opposites
  • I’ll work on similes


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