Subordinate clauses and conjunctions

After an exauhsting day of school, the intellegent teacher stopped at the peaceful library,picked up the book eagerly and darted to the headteacher’s office,grasping the school documents.

In the morning,the Ferrari accelerated to the occupied parking slots recklessly and came to a life saving halt infront of a beautiful car trying to park it.

After an enjoyable lunch,the ferocious dragon landed on the pavement,approached towards the school and paused behind it as his nostrils flared violently.

At midnight, the sturdy starship hovered over the massive pacific ocean,aimed its laser beams accurately and fired it onto the enemy ship as the captain rode the enormous cruise away from the foe.

After a scrumptious meal, the fine resturant closed at 9:00,and my family strolled to the public train station slowly and rode on the train to our home while my baby brother cried.

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