The trip to Brooklyn

Early one morning, Polly went for a walk. By the time she got dressed and ate, she almost missed her bus. Fortunately, she made it. 3 hours later, she made it to Brooklyn. As she looked around, Polly realised that she is in the wrong place.But, Polly wasn’t to far from civilization. However, she has only one way to go through THE DEADLY FOREST.Polly heard a while ago that people went missing for years and decades as soon as they entered. She had to risk it and do it. As she entered, Polly was gone. Minuets turned into hours, hours turned into a whole day. But she hasn’t made it out. Inside the forest, screams were being heard, footsteps as loud  as a clashing knife being thrown at a cutting board. Finally, after a while, she made it out alive.

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