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The Day I Met a Bear

A few weeks ago I went to a creepy forest. I quietly crept to get a drink of water from the river, worried something would hurt me. On my way back ,I spotted a shadow. A bears shadow! I didn`t dare move a muscle. It started to creep nearer and nearer to me, what should I do?! I panicked but then I realised the bear looked more scared of me then I was of him. He also looked lost and I was about to help him then two bigger bears arrived. They looked liked his parents. I started to go but then I felt a warm hug, the bear was hugging me!!!

Sister for sale

Do not miss out on an exciting special offer! If you feel lonely and you want someone to talk to, or play with, then you’re in luck because we’ve got the ultimate chatterbox for sale. Everybody must want a loud, funny, very talkative, energetic sister, right? She also gives lots of surprise tickles, plays a very loud trombone (very good at two notes over and over again) and comes with a free massive hairy tarantula (cage not included) and lots of messy playdoh. Get bidding quickly now because we only have one sister to sell. No bid is too low.

My worst nightmare

One sunny day, I was getting ready to camp at Willows Farm. After I put my bags in the car I drove off to my campsite, I was really excited because I was going to hold all the bunnies! Then I randomly met my friends.We all put up our tents and then put our sleeping bags in.It was getting dark so we went  to bed.

All of a sudden A bear came out of the bush we ran but he ran faster oh he was getting food wait we were food aaaaahhhhh!!!!

My Biggest Fear – Face To Face With A Living Doll!

One day I was out in the garden watering the summer plants, when I heard an unfamiliar noise. I turned around but saw nothing. ‘’It is just my sister playing tricks on me” I thought. Then I heard an extremely creepy voice say, ”hello”. I looked over my shoulder and saw a terrifying looking doll. I SCREAMED!! AHHHH! “My name is Ava”, said the doll. There was a deadly silence! “Hold my hand”, she said in a croaky voice. I did not want to but she grabbed it! Then we were teleported to a Creepy, old house. ” What is this place”, I said. Then it all turned black…….



The End……..or Is it?


The Day I Met A Bear!

I remember that day well! We were on holiday and decided to go camping in the Canadian Forest near Thunder Bay. We pitched our tents in a clearing in-between some trees by the lake.

We decided to collect some wood for the campfire when we heard a rustling noise behind our tents. I stopped what I was doing and froze. Behind the bush I could see a big brown ball of fur. It was a bear! Help!

I screamed to let my parents know not to come close. What next? What should I do? I was still frozen but didn’t have much time as the bear was walking into camp. I had 2 minutes to think and climbed up a tree to escape the bear.

The bear then camp into camp sniffed around the tents and eventually wandered off. What a lucky escape!





I officially decided crisps are banned from the country, especially prawn cocktail. I hate the smell and they leave spiky crumbs in the car. It puts me off when I’m driving in my dirty car.

I hope you can find another food to eat.

From the best Prime Minister in the WORLD!

Surprise note

Hi my darling daughter,

Sorry if this note seems dramatic but you don’t need to feel alarmed, we are just in the garden. Daddy’s watering the plants and Mummy’s reading the Times newspaper. We have made this fun for you because we want you to enjoy your life. We have hidden the keys to the garden, and you have to scavenger hunt around the house to find them! If you succeed, we will give you a triple chocolate cookie. You have fifteen minutes to find them. Here’s a clue, think random not obvious.

From your loving parents Mummy and Daddy

Postcard From My Garden Gnome

Hello Anna,


Did you notice that I’m no longer in the garden? Well, I was bored of our fences and flowers, so I looked up some cheap flights to Brazil and here I am! I’m at the Rio Carnival. It is epic!! The people are wearing the most incredible costumes, with feathers, glitter, ribbons and sequins galore. There are amazing acrobats, magicians and the dancing is out of this world!

The food is great too! I am having a burger right now. It’s soooo good! Hmmmm! Delicious! You would love it! Well, I’ve got to go, the music is bumping and my feet want to dance!


Anna one more thing, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!


Kind Regards,


Your Garden Gnome


PS – Feed Plush the cat.


PPS – Please get another garden gnome before I get back, it is far too lonely in that garden!

Walking the plank

Yay, it’s an exciting non-school uniform day at school, I thought to myself. I bet all my friends will dress up as a treasure hunting, fearless, pirate like me. As I walk through the school gates without looking at what anybody was wearing I said in my best booming pirate voice, “hi me hearties, my name is Sophiaaar!” Uh oh, the non-school uniform day is tomorrow. Everybody (wearing normal boring uniform) stared at me and laughed at me like I was crazy! I felt embarrassed wearing my best swashbuckling pirate outfit. I better go change before the headteacher sees me…

Wiki – The Wollowmahog

Wollowmahog’s can be found in  tropical  rainforests in the Amazon. Wollowmahog’s only eat one type of food which are pineapples. The noise the Wollowmahog makes is a grunting sound which can scare lots of birds all around the rainforest from far distance.

The Wollowmahog has a purple and blue skin, its legs are fluffy, the feet are panda feet and it has red stripe on the top of its head, in between its third eye. Another way you can  recognise the Wollowmahog is that is has five stubby legs and so when it walks it has a hobble.

There are only 20 Wollowmahogs left in the world!