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Welcome to Lily the Ladybirds Lively Circus!

Roll up Roll up, come to see Lily the Ladybird flying on the trapeze. Barry Beetle playing the drums with Craig and his singing crickets.

There will be a juggling act by Woody the Woodlouse and a marching band with Adam and his army of ants. For those who want to stay late after dark, come to see Gavin the Glow Worm and his fabulous fire flies.

All hosted by Clive the Centipede on the night of 20th May at eight o’clock.

See you there!

Text to Charlie Bucket.

Hi Charlie,

I hope you are well.  Keep your spirits up!

I know you are looking for Willy Wonka’s Golden ticket. I would advise you to search for as many coins as you can under the sofa or even on the ground, as money can fall out of people’s pockets.  Do not despair, keep on trying your best and you will succeed!

A man called Mr Slugworth will approach you and ask you for a Gobstopper from Mr Wonka’s factory….. don’t do it! You will get a far greater reward. Good luck!


Text Message to Grandma

Hi Grandma, I must tell you something. I met this peculiar wolf on a nice stroll, and he seemed to know all about you except for exactly where you lived, so I told him and just after that I realized something. Mum told me don’t trust strangers and it has got me all worried about you. I have got some advice for you, if anyone knocks on the door, please don’t answer it! I’m sorry Grandma, he just seemed so kind. Grandma, how about you draw your lovely curtains and block the chimney. You have got this Grandma. Slay Queen!

Advice for the King

Dear King Charles III,

I wanted to give you some advice now that you are King.

Firstly everybody needs more holidays, so we can relax. Also at school we need to have more science lessons so we can be really good scientists and save our planet!

On your birthday it would be a nice thought if you gave all your subjects a present so they are happy. Everyone should receive a 50p Coronation coin, if they behave.

Lastly, please let 10 families live in the Royal Palace for a week.

Thank you very much. From your loyal subject.

Message in a Bottle

Dear whoever is reading this,

There is something I must tell you! In space there is a dangerous virus creeping down to earth! I need your help please. You have to dig a path into the middle of the earth, because there you will find a ball of very hot fire which, once released, can make its way through the path and burn the virus away. This might not save you, but it will save the rest of the planet at least. I hope this message was important to you.

PS You don’t have to do this on your own.

Advice to the King

Dear King Charles,

I hope you are excited for your coronation even though it is scary.I will help you to act like a !KING!

  1. Keep posture at all times.
  2. Don’t Snore
  3. Smile all the time
  4. Frowning is off limits
  5. Always be kind
  6. Politeness is key

I hope you follow all the rules and have a great day

Yours Sincerely SAFFIE


I peeked in my teacher’s wardrobe and I found a portal. I went into the portal and  saw a Marshadow, a Jirachi and a Shaymin. These were POKEMON, so I stayed with them and fed them. The next day I found a Morallo and I fed it until its tummy was as big as a tiger. Morello’s tummy was fat and cosy.

I was so happy I found these POKEMON. I strolled in the woods and met Ash Ketchum from Palatown. I set out on a journey with Ash. I was so happy I left school because I HATE MATHS!!!

If I were invisible!

These are things that I would do if I were invisible.

Step  1. Creep up and eat lots of chocolate.                                                                                                                  Step 2. Go to bed very late every night.                                                                                                                      Step 3. Do anything I like because people can’t see me.                                                                                            Step 4. Watch films I can’t normally watch  like ‘Wednesday’.                                                                                Step 5. Play as many video games I want to play.                                                                                                      Step 6. Go on holiday on an aeroplane without tickets.                                                                                            Step 7. See a musical and go to the cinema as many times as possible.                                                                Step 8. Stay in bed and sleep in and stay in my pyjamas all day.

These are the best things about being invisible.


Being invisible is fun

Right, where shall I start? I will sneak into the cinema showing the new Matilda musical film and being invisible I won’t have to pay for my popcorn!  That’s what being invisible is all about (doing whatever whenever you want.) The movie was great and now I need to jazz up a bit by sneaking into a roller disco in all my super-duper, cool gear. That was so fun but I fell over a bit (a lot). I might steal somebody’s slush puppy while I have got the chance. TASTY!!! I feel tired and am going to sleep well tonight.

The Invisible Curse

One weird day I woke up in the morning and did the old stuff that I always do, but I noticed I had a curse that made me invisible! But I noticed again that I have an advantage to anything I want because nothing can see me. So I went to school. But I saw my bully, I didn’t like him so I did a prank.
I stole his book and put it in the girls toilet! Now he  can’t do any more work. He was fuming at everyone apart from me, like another bully had bullied him.
But after school I got back to normal. And I noticed he was being nice!