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Shakespeare’s Goldfish

While fishing in the park, a goldfish has found something fishy. It’s a fishing hanger, so the goldfish goes to the hanger and gets picked up then sees a man’s face smiling. Could it be that the fish is tiny or glad that the fish was gold. The answer is about the fish being gold, so the fish was proud of himself for getting collected for the first time to have in a fish bowl to get safe. So the man collects the goldfish, goes home then puts it in his fish bowl to make the fish safe after all. 

Mum I got the job

Hi mum.You will never guess i got a chance to be prime minister. Yes I know it is very cool;I am now famous in the UK. They all know me. We are finally famous. Please don’t use me for my money like other mums. You should also thank Borris’- which was an old prime minister-kindfulness. Thank the lord that Lizz Truzz did a bad job when being a prime minister. I never believed in myself but I think I should next time and do what a prime minister always does and tell people what to do.


Love Rishi

Prime minister message to his mum

Hi Mum, I want to tell you that I will be rich. I will put the money on my account . By the way what’s for DINNER?  


I am making 

Your favourite, which is  a roast for 



Nice but i rather go and eat 

A golden steak . 


How dare you Rishi !


Mum calm down i will visit you 

Maybe on Sunday .



Who’s got rishy’s bag 

For work  . 


Mum  remember 

I am the prime minister 

Now .


Yes your right 

You are the prime minister 

Big boy now . 


So may  I come over on Sunday . 


Sure my darling everything for you . 

Shakespeare’s literate fish.


“ Hello, ricky. Do you have any ideas for my newest play? I can’t think of anything.” William formally asked his fish.

“ Ah, I have been waiting for you to ask,” The fish humbly replied.” I have SO many ideas!”

The fish piled his ideas- which seemed to be better than Williams- into Shakespeare’s mind . 

He loved the ideas. 

“ I wouldn’t have become so very famous without you, thank you so very much!” William gladly stated to the goldfish. William twirled his brunette moustache in delight.  

Shakespeare used the ideas ; because of Ricky, the show turned out amazing.

Gulp the goldfish

Unfortunately ,my name is Gulps The Goldfish  and I have this annoying owner that sits there watching me do my business like having a poo. I spent all my life swimming in my tank which is whopping 90 centimetres long. It is boring ;so i beg for food,While he is watching me,  he talks to this skull like it is his son so i am like “hello you serious right now” so when he leaves his skull i say to it “he is mine i am his baby not you so bugger of now“So i punch it immediately.

Leaving to Mars

Dear Mum, 


I am sending this letter to tell you that I am leaving to Mars. I will bring you back a souvenir. Maybe a crumble of Mars or space air? 

Mars, which is the fourth planet from the sun, seems very interesting and I can’t wait to go. The last time I looked at what had previously happened on Mars I saw that a woman took a whole handful of Mars home; she brung a bucket. I hope i see something really cool or something very mysterious. I’ll make sure i write you a postcard of what its like.

ON Marz by robert

Dear Earthlings, I am going to mars. This may be the last time you see one of my letters. My name is Tahje and I am an astronaut and I am with my friend -who is called Rufus is- in space with me. I will bring back some samples from mars. If i come back alive i will thank NASA for making it safe to land on mars. Rufus will not be walking on mars  Because he will be inside making sure the rocket can work. You can watch the Live view from my perspective on www.NASA.com/Live.

I am going to Mars.

To mum and dad
I am leaving to go to Mars and I won’t be coming back for a long time. I will try to bring you some stuff back ; it will take a long time to get the things. I am going with Mark( who is an amazing astronaut) and he is driving the rocket. Dad and Mum I found a bag that said it’s James’ bag so that means there must be another person here.

Pls see this mum

Mum, I told you not to come to London to watch my speech! Some other member of parliament, who is very annoying, was laughing that you came and cheered me on. I knew I shouldn’t have told you. It was raining; you still came and watched it. Moving on from that embarrassing moment, how’s your day been? I’ve been so busy lately it’s ridonculous Borris left me a massive situation to sort out. Do you think I’m doing good? Anyway I’ve got stuff to do as I say I’m a busy man. I will speak to you soon. Bye.   


12 rules for keeping happy

12 rules for keeping happy:

(1)Stay positive.

(2)Ignore the rude comments people say to you.

(3)See the best in life.

(4)Stay healthy.

(5)Be kind to others and they’ll be kind to you.

(6)Be able to help others that are feeling sad.

(7)Be grateful.

(8)Follow your heart and your life’s achievements.

(9)Learn to let go.

(10)Don’t be negative to yourself.

(11)Connect with others.

(12)Take care of your body.