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Spiders live in Plugholes because…

Why do spiders live in plugholes? 

That is a very good question. Some spiders live there by instinct, when they just find a way in and go for it. Others are not quite like that, others live in plugholes because it’s dark and damp and it’s a good habitat for them. Like I said, not all spiders can actually live in these conditions. On top of that, spiders enjoy dark and dirty places and a plughole is just that! Additional information: Spiders would naturally drown if they were sprayed with water, just like candy floss!

That’s it for today, Louisa…

Trying to save Christmas

Breaking news

There has been a sighting of one of Santa’s Reindeer’s in Brandon Santa has been searching for it but can’t find it anywhere.So Santa told everybody in Brandon to look for Rudolph because that’s Santa’s best reindeer so he needs it back.Someone just saw Rudolph flying over Tesco looking for some carrots.He loves carrots so we can lead him to a cage so we can take him back to Santa.So Santa can keep delivering present for people all over the world before the children wake up.We need to save Christmas from being destroyed.

The new report when reindeer was sighted

BREAKING NEWS! A reindeer has been sighted in the forest at Brandon Country park. We advise that you stay away from the pond, this reindeer is not dangerous from what we know but in past experiences they have been known to attack humans. Beware, the reindeer is currently on the field. Don’t worry, all the people have been evacuated from the house that looks out over the pond. No one has been injured yet. We sure hope this reindeer leaves and goes back to the North Pole where it belongs and will hopefully stay. Back to you in the studio.

Instructions how to look after your elf

How to look after your elf


First step: 


  • Clean your elf in the blender with soap and warm water 


  • Then chuck him into your mums washer and dry him to his max 


  • Then chuck him down your stairs and hit your sister in the face . 


There my friend he should be a new kind and definitely not naughty elf on the shelf ( no guarantee).

If it doesn’t work just go to the elf on the shelf shop and ask for a new one . For more advice to your elf call 07785080 and we will come straight away to your door . 


Breaking news reindeers were spotted over forestacademy.

Hello and welcome back to news round today people have spotted reindeers around forestacademy if you do end up seeing one close by just be careful some people around in forestacademy are very concerned of what they might do.Make sure you keep on the look out. some saw the reindeers and santa claus since it is near christmas time make sure you start writing up your christmas lists but that is enough for me onto Jenny.Hiya Coco Hi Jenny so this morning reindeers are on the loose but nobody knows what to do well that is it goodbye.

How to look after elves.

Many people have adopted elfs so these are the instructions on how to look after one in the correct way.

I have 2 elfs, when I wake up in the morning they always make funny disasters.My elfs names are Madi and Louisa. When they make disasters NEVER be rude to them because that’s their favourite thing to do! 

Second thing is that every morning you may have to cook breakfast for them, they eat crisp apples, and snowberries!

When they give you presents, be grateful and look after the present in the correct way and don’t crack anything because their toys are magical!

How to look after an elf.

How to look after an elf:

First thing on how to look after an elf is beware it might ruin your house. Pet’s must be careful with elves because there might be a possibility your elves will disappear and end up in your cat or dogs’ stomach. Next thing you might want to think about where to hide your food because they might have a snowball fight with your flour that you were going to save to make that cake. Also if you have more than 1 elf just to let you know they have a little fight over toys.

Reindeer spotted

Breaking News a reindeer has been spotted flying over Brandon kids a going crazy after seeing it they were running after it trying to catch it but they had no luck it was to fast for them and  parents are buying binoculars  just to see the magnificent creature and take pictures  but they were as unlucky as the children were some are even camping outside for it  but no luck so the competition was on parents vs children at finding it  they are doing all they can to find  it even the government was in complete shock even the king. 

reindeer has been seen in town

 Reindeer has been seen in the town

Well if you see the reindeer report it quickly because santa has been looking for his reindeers.The number of the reindeers are nine but you might see eight because Santa has rudolf the rednosed reindeer with him.Well they will mostly stay in the market square in Brandon were the christmas tree stands .Always carry a carrot to feed they and give them to jolly santa.Well don’t go to close because they can bite but if you are nice they won’t bite.Well have a good christmas and more news will be told tomorrow.

How to look after a pet elf by Mia N

 How to look after a Pet elf 


1.When it first arrives your mother has to take it out of the box and put him on the floor. (Be careful and don’t stand on his big forehead!)


  1. Put him on the shelf.


3. Next, put a candy cane or a chocolate next to him for his snack before dinner, he might be hungry.


  1. Put a mini plate of food next to him 1 hour before bedtime and then leave him.


  1. In the morning he’ll have lots of energy. You might’ve noticed that he moved somewhere else. Goodbye