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What would your pet say too you or each other!

Sophie where are you!  Take me too school! I can smell you… AWW DANG IT! Sophie’s not home 🙁           I guess ill go hide under her bed and wait! P.j says. 6 hours later… I HEAR MY HUMAN P.J SAYS. I hear something… says Buddy. Bark Bark Woof Woof!  Its my human! says Buddy! I must go find a shoe and hit fellow human with it! Where’s Sophie?!? P.j says. I see Sophie my human! Give me pats! Mhmm now I must lick you until you die! I love my human! says Buddy and P.j.

Please don’t read mine out loud 🙂 Thank you. BY SOPHIE!

the big save

Boomer is struggling in the rushing water struggling to get across the river he’s barking help me what can I use to get to get across with my dog safely  what will I use and how will I use it well I could find a long piece of wood. Or it could be cold a plank of wood but that would take to long but wait maybe I could dive then grave Boomer then try and grave on the edge of the dirt patch it mite be risky but let’s try it now wee.

100 word challenge week 6

‘Jed your here!’ Alfie yells “Oh nuggets I was hiding from you’ Jed said ‘Can I sniff your butt?’ Alfie asked ‘No I’m a cat I can clean myself” Jed responded ‘Want to see me drink water?’ Alfie asked ‘NO! YOU DOGS ARE MESSY!’ Jed yells ‘OW!’ Alfie yelps ‘Keep your paws off of me you smelly dog!’ Jed yells. Alfie sleeps all day all sad. ‘Alf’ Jed says ‘Am I in your spot?’ Alfie asks ‘No I came to apologise’ Jed said ‘I forgive you’ Alfie says ‘Best pals?’ Jed asked ‘Best pals’ Alfie smiled. And they lived happily.

what would your pet say to you

If My pet dog would talk he would say go to the gym because you need to workout. Now do 10 dumbbells lifts move onto the rowing machine and row for 1 minute you did it. Now lets go for a run on the treadmill for 1 hour. Good job keep going don’t give up. Go have a shower I’m off to hungry Jacks for a bone.