100 word challenge week 6

‘Jed your here!’ Alfie yells “Oh nuggets I was hiding from you’ Jed said ‘Can I sniff your butt?’ Alfie asked ‘No I’m a cat I can clean myself” Jed responded ‘Want to see me drink water?’ Alfie asked ‘NO! YOU DOGS ARE MESSY!’ Jed yells ‘OW!’ Alfie yelps ‘Keep your paws off of me you smelly dog!’ Jed yells. Alfie sleeps all day all sad. ‘Alf’ Jed says ‘Am I in your spot?’ Alfie asks ‘No I came to apologise’ Jed said ‘I forgive you’ Alfie says ‘Best pals?’ Jed asked ‘Best pals’ Alfie smiled. And they lived happily.

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