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The Fairy Girls (blurb)

Once upon a time, there were two sisters playing in the forest, when their father came and told them that one day, they would become fairies!!! But, in order for this to happen, they needed to complete several tasks in a quest that would take them on the most magical, yet dangerous journey, just as their brave mother before them had done.

Follow them in their search for magical creatures, wizards and much more as these brave girls embark on the most important adventure of their lives…

House for sale

For Sale: The Hansel and Gretel House

This magical house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms is situated in a peaceful location, in the middle of an enchanted forest.  There is a stream made of fizzy lemonade, which ripples past the house and a lovely candy cane pathway leading up to the front door.

The house is made of delicious gingerbread and so is the roof.  At the very top of the house, sits a huge strawberry cake chimney with red and green candles dotted around it. Running across the roof, stands many luscious, swirly multicoloured lollipops, and white icing that looks like snow.  Sprinkled all over the outside of the house and stuck into the gingerbread are large sugar coated jelly tots.

Pearl’s dream!

Pearl has always dreamed of dancing, and when a place at ballet school comes up she wants it so badly it hurts. She is a smart kid but when she has a mean teacher who always bullies her and  very strict parents shes losing control!When it comes to the holiday she has no time for being lazy and relaxing all day long!The audition becomes her obsession. She always get a Distinction on the ballet tests and always gets  1st or 2nd place, can she get the main role for the Nutcrackers production and a place at one of the best ballet schools?

The advert

Hello and welcome back to my store.Today we are sailing a new house from the three little pigs. This house is made of bricks and it has a chimney in top of the house. Inside there is an old couch and a fire place. Upstairs there is three bedrooms the first one has a ruby blanket with white spots. The second room has a lime pillow and a red blanket. The third bedroom has one pair of turquoise slippers. This will cost 10,000,000 dollars so come and buy this house now before it is gone because it’s limited edition.

Come and buy.

Come here to get the best, enormous and coolest house in the world. It has special weapons to keep the wolf away from this house and its so strong that when a wolf blows it stays…normally. Its take 6years 10 month and 121 days to build. Did you know that it even have playground and also delicious apple? Its in the forest full of stuff to do. It even have kind animal like zebra , pigs and lots of chickens. Yummy. Would you come to buy it? It costs 1357648. Cost a few right? I hope you buy it. Yay

Selling Hogwarts

                                                             Selling Hogwarts

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.It is on the Scottish alps and it is near  a  big lake(that has a giant squid in it) plus a few canoes. The castle is large and ancient.This castle has pictures hanging on the wall can talk, stairs that moves and common rooms that has a picture guarding it and if you don’t have the password you can’t enter.There are many tall towers, dungeons and a gigantic dining hall.Next to the castle, there is a forest a.k.a the forbidden forest full of magical creatures.You can also buy some magical artifacts such as the diadem of Ravenclaw, the sword of Gryffindor and  the cup of Hufflepuff. The prize is five thousand millions.


Ivy has a dream of being in the  swimming olympics, and when a really good swimming school offered for her to learn there she was extremely excited. After her school term comes to an end, she can’t stop swimming because her time (which is 15 seconds) will get slower. When the school break starts she also doesn’t need to worry about her learning because she normally falls behind. She tries to get in as many competitions as possible but the only thing she is distracted of is her brand new puppy. Will she get in the olympics at the end?

The world of magic

This book is about  a mystical journey following the journey of a young boy call Adam Grey and how he stopped an evil wizard destroying the world using black forbidden magic.  Will Adam and his friends be able to defend earth and try to keep his family together, he will go to dangerous mountains, villages, and find the six ancient artefacts to cast a magic spell to save the world. On his journey Adam learns how to save, help and be kind to save the world. Can Adam do it,  If he can’t he will he the only human left.

My socks!

My socks are gone! And I can’t find them anywhere! I should go look under the couch! Nothing! What about in the cupboards? Ugh nothing again! I have to rush I need to go to a business meeting, I can’t just go without my socks! I need to find it so I don’t have to wear my flip-flops! I won’t get the job because I  will look bad in front of them! I pray that I will get it because right now I don’t have one. Maybe they won’t see my shoes, I just have to walk quickly.

The candy castle

The candy castle is located upon lush lane and you will be shoked when you see its beauty. The house is surrounded by giant candy canes to keep outsiders away. The beds are made of fluffy marshmallows and the walls are nothing but edible. From the very tippy top of the house to the very bottom you will be amazed as you look around. There is three bedrooms each having different themes for different personalitys. The bathroom has mashmallow sented soap and the shower gives pink water!! This magical house is being sold at the low price of 5000k. But it while you can!!