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Welcome to Lily the Ladybirds Lively Circus!

Roll up Roll up, come to see Lily the Ladybird flying on the trapeze. Barry Beetle playing the drums with Craig and his singing crickets.

There will be a juggling act by Woody the Woodlouse and a marching band with Adam and his army of ants. For those who want to stay late after dark, come to see Gavin the Glow Worm and his fabulous fire flies.

All hosted by Clive the Centipede on the night of 20th May at eight o’clock.

See you there!

The Stage.

I entered the school’s backdoor, quietly tip-toeing incase someone was there. You might wonder..”Why are you there?”Because I wanted to investigate something, something that was said to lurk beneath the school’s stage. I entered the backstage, and searched for the backdoor.

A few minutes later, I found it. It was rusty, it looked like it hadn’t been open for decades. I tried opening it, and to my surprise..It unlocked. I was welcomed with a smell of rotting meat, I lighted the room with my flashlight. There were loads of corpses, I sprinted out of there, now they’re coming after me.

Queen Rapunzel’s tower for sale or rent!

For sale or rent! Queen Rapunzel’s tower!
Queen Rapunzel has very kindly offered everyone the chance to buy or rent her tower, once owned by the witch. The tower has one very spacious room, suitable for two adults and one child. The room has a wooden wardrobe, a fluffy carpet plus one king size bed and one single bed. In one corner, you will see a green door, which leads to the rather large bathroom, complete with toilet, sink, shower, bathtub and jacuzzi. There is also a very picturesque view of the woods below. Elevator included! Buy or rent now!

The stage mystery

People have been saying that there are mysteries hidden beneath the old school stage.Maybe there are old teachers who have been hiding secret valuables or dead mice with flys flying in and out. No one Knows what are hidden under this old stage and the mystery that lies unfound.Then one day a boy, a brave boy named William had a think and set off to discover the secrets that have been unfound.When William squeezed inside, he found something unexpected stationary like pencils, glue sticks, rubbers, rulers and things like that. But William thought is that all that there’s only stationary?!

The Ginger Bread for Sale!

The Ginger Bread House for Sale!

                                                    The Ginger Bread House for Sale!

This house is on top of a hill in Europe.

The house’s front door is made of a enormous chocolate bar from Switzerland which you can lick before you go into the house. Inside, there are 3 bedrooms.The walls are made from white chocolate and the beds are made from cotton candy that you can eat while sleeping. Most of the furniture is made from chocolate but the water in the tap is fizzy drink.The toilet seat is made from chocolate rocks glued together to make a seat. The foods are sprouted up from the ground for you to eat. This house is sold for twenty-two million pounds.

Gingerbread House for sale!!

Ginger bread house for sale!!
Do you want to buy a gingerbread house? Well you are in luck. I the evil witch is selling my fantasy house for 10,000,000 Euros. We have a chocolate fountain that goes well with anything, a cotton candy bed that is so soft and can’t melt, a magical tap that gives you chocolate water, a magical stove that can bake anything instantly and a button that can change the houses size and a secret, fantasy library which has all fairy-tails. If you want to buy this house call this number 18935575.

Advice for Eton Mask

Eton Mask’s City Advice 

Hi Eton, I was just going to give you some advice on how to make your own city. My first piece of advice is that you must take everyone’s opinion into account. Even if that means changing the plans of the city. You need to try and get everyone to compromise on one or two ideas. You need a lot of very good architects to accomplish your mission. You will need a certain amount of land to build this smashing city. It will need a strong government too. Good luck on this. 

Yours Sincerely 

Ciaran Moncrieff 

Text to Charlie Bucket.

Hi Charlie,

I hope you are well.  Keep your spirits up!

I know you are looking for Willy Wonka’s Golden ticket. I would advise you to search for as many coins as you can under the sofa or even on the ground, as money can fall out of people’s pockets.  Do not despair, keep on trying your best and you will succeed!

A man called Mr Slugworth will approach you and ask you for a Gobstopper from Mr Wonka’s factory….. don’t do it! You will get a far greater reward. Good luck!


Text Message to Grandma

Hi Grandma, I must tell you something. I met this peculiar wolf on a nice stroll, and he seemed to know all about you except for exactly where you lived, so I told him and just after that I realized something. Mum told me don’t trust strangers and it has got me all worried about you. I have got some advice for you, if anyone knocks on the door, please don’t answer it! I’m sorry Grandma, he just seemed so kind. Grandma, how about you draw your lovely curtains and block the chimney. You have got this Grandma. Slay Queen!


Eldest brother,
Urgent message! I just heard that the Big Bad Wolf is heading in the direction of you and your brothers homes!! He was looking really famished!! He was whispering something about eating pigs for lunch. Don’t freak out. Just stay calm and go to the youngest brother’s house with middle brother. Quickly and quietly! You and middle brother’s homes are NOT SAFE! Big Bad Wolf will blow your homes down and eat you up! Youngest brother already knows you two are coming.


P.S. Don’t take anything with you, because your things will slow you down. Now go!