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This is a poem full of amazing things

This is a poem full of amazing things 

Everything is amazing 

This is a poem full of amazing things 

Made just for you… 


It’s full of dinosaurs stomping 

It’s full of giant clock ticking 

It’s full of lions chomping 

It’s full of tongues licking 


It’s full of writers writing 

It’s full of people bowling 

It’s full of soldiers fighting 

It’s full of balls rolling 


It’s full of small socks 

It’s full of chalks 

It’s full of little Rocks 

It’s full of long walks 


It’s full of nice drinks 

It’s full of good songs 

It’s full of a lot of winks 

That’s full of multiple king kongs 


It’s all been put inside this poem 

Stuff from the first paragraph to the last 

This is a poem full of amazing things 

Made just for you. 

Blue, yellow and grey describe me

Blue describes me.

it is the colour of the majestic blue whale.

it is the dark skin of a blueberry.

Blue is the sky a sea of clouds.

it’s a butterfly’s wings.

it’s the eye of my brother


Yellow describes me.

it is the colour of the cheesiest of cheeses

it is the twinkling stars in the night sky.

Yellow is the delicious bananas that I eat.

it’s the sun beaming down on me at the beach.

it’s the corn in a corn maze.


Grey describes me.

it is an elephant in the zoo begging for peanuts.

it is a mouse looking for cheese in the fridge.

Grey is a seal sitting on a rock sunbathing under the hot sun.

it’s pebbles on a rocky beach.

it’s pigeon feathers  scattered everywhere in London.

(session 2) a list of things that should be in a poem

An elephant  

A big jar of sweets 

A monkey 

A big sock 

Some crunchy leaves 

A big cooking pot 

A shark 

Some chocolate 

A small man with a pumpkin for a head 

A skeleton horse 

A big furry jacket 

An otter skiing 

A fox eating ice-cream 

A big, black shoe 

A purple thistle 

A big gold bar 

An orange polar bear 

A happy house 

And a giant rabbit. 

How do Dragons fly?

How do dragons fly?

With wings as silent as the midnight air,

Thrashing down valleys with

Just one blink of an eye.


How do dragons fly?

Their eyes of green ivy,

Weeping tears of terror,

You can only hope you do not meet your fate!


How do dragons fly?

With stomachs filled with

Unlucky victims, searching

For a non-existent exit.


How do dragons fly?

With claws of glory,

Peeling enemies like a banana,

You could only wish to escape.


How do dragons fly?

With a tail so malicious,

Slicing through trees,

Slicing through iron.


How do dragons fly?

With retractable teeth

One minute you can see gums,

Next minute sharp, talon like

Teeth are a staring contest for your fate!

How to paint a Minotaur

How to paint a Minotaur… 



Paint its eyes,  

With glimmering water droplets 

Guiding you to the reflection,  

Of the nights sky. 



Paint the body, 

Sculpted with molten gold and wood  

Plus a seasoning of greed and need, 

Darkening the rough hide. 


After that, 

Paint its head, 

With the magical touch of King Midas  

And the sound of the birds chirping along,  

to the song of bewildered wind. 



Paint a pair of legs, 

Using a bull like texture 

And the strength of a limber Lion, 

As the moon washes over your pallet. 



Paint two horns, 

With golden drops forged from a halo 

That had been dipped in the Earth’s core, 

As if it were a dip-dab. 


And finally,  

Paint its axe, 

Crafted with steel mined by the great dwarves,  

God like handle with carvings of battle 

Blessed by a billion Angels.

How do dragons fly?

How do dragons fly?
With their shimmering scales,
on their paper thin wings,
in a thousand shades of blue and green.

How do dragons fly?
With a fearless cold blooded heart,
and their freakishly fantastic claws,
a mind as strong as their heart.

How do dragons fly?
They fly alone in the darkest of nights,
in the blazing heat they’ll play all day,with their scales mirrored against the light.

How do dragons fly?
They fly up there in the night sky,
way above your heads in the night sky.

What creature would you be

Which creature would you be?                   Today I choose to be a flamingo,               as bright as the golden sun.

My beak curved like a hook                  My eyes are yellow like lemons                My feathers preened and bright               My legs are as strong as steel


We all need to fly, to stretch our wings wide, so we can have a better life.


To see the rest of the flamboyance          To ride the breeze and soar                      To chatter in the pond


Tell me: which other bird is bright as the golden sun                                                Their legs as strong as steel and their feathers presented and bright.

Today I Would be a Spider

Spindle, spindle spiders web sow and weave stitch and cast. Raising up my deadly mast. 

Wrap and roll my tasty catch, put away for midnight snacks. Flies and bugs, all I love, wrapped in my larder in a silky glove. 

Sunlight haze and dew drop days shining through my silky maze, beauty within my woven snare. 

Enter insects if you dare… 

Speedy horse

Today id choose a horse, as brave and elegant as can be id bolt through the meadow as quick as a flash my flaxen tail flying freely

My hooves thundering through the grass as mighty as a dagger, my jet-black body as smooth as silk shining in the evening sun

My scarlet blue eyes scanning through the wind my long jaggy eyelashes covering for shelter, the rain dancing down to the ground.


It screeches throughout the depths of Midnight. It’s sorrows never hidden.  

It’s deathining howls, with hope someone will hear it’s cries for hope.  

Although it’s screeches may seem ghastly, no-one has truly seen beneath its terrifying cries. 

However, the creature may seem bewitching a true, pure heart is what truly lies beneath.  

It will leap through snow, crawl through the heat and its soul never- resting. 

Although it may seem like a lie, you must truly hear its cry. 

As morning rises and the night is over, there are no more screeches and cries from that terrific beast.  

That bewitching Banshee.