Blue, yellow and grey describe me

Blue describes me.

it is the colour of the majestic blue whale.

it is the dark skin of a blueberry.

Blue is the sky a sea of clouds.

it’s a butterfly’s wings.

it’s the eye of my brother


Yellow describes me.

it is the colour of the cheesiest of cheeses

it is the twinkling stars in the night sky.

Yellow is the delicious bananas that I eat.

it’s the sun beaming down on me at the beach.

it’s the corn in a corn maze.


Grey describes me.

it is an elephant in the zoo begging for peanuts.

it is a mouse looking for cheese in the fridge.

Grey is a seal sitting on a rock sunbathing under the hot sun.

it’s pebbles on a rocky beach.

it’s pigeon feathers  scattered everywhere in London.

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