The Lava Pegasus

The Lava Pegasus


The lava Pegasus, which is a rare type of unicorn, lives way up in space on a small, hot planet called The Lava World. Not much is known about the Lava Pegasus because it is so far away from earth. Unicornologists for many years, have been trying to catch a glimpse of this remarkable creature.

This type of Unicorn is around 7ft high. The Lava Pegasus is a skeleton with a golden mane of lava. Its horn is also made from lava and shoots fire balls. The lava Pegasus has the worlds strongest wings, to enable it to fly all over space. This type of unicorn can swim through the hottest molten lava.

The Lava Pegasus lives in a land far away in space, inside an active volcano. The volcano is surrounded by boiling hot magma. The planet that the Pegasus lives is made of gas. Unicornologists find it so hard to find anything out about this amazing creature because the land they live is so hot, no one dares to go near it. When scientists wish to try and catch a gaze at this mystical creature they must travel to the moon. There they have a rare chance at seeing it fly across the universe.

When the lava Pegasus is thirsty, it finds some hot magma and licks off the boiling lava. He has a special pouch on his side he can store lava to keep him hydrated for days whilst flying through space. The Pegasus flies thousands of kilometres across the universe to the sun where it feeds off the solar energy the sun releases. This gives the amazing animal all the life it needs to soar back to its home on Lava Planet.

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  1. lots of description.
    what’s the pouch made of?
    not as much description?

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