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Chapter 1 by SM Y6

It was an ordinary day for Jane and Jeff,

They were living in a small tree house in the middle of a wood because the Gorm were after them. And they had the silver sword. They had 3 baby sisters and 3 baby brothers but they were the only children that could take the sword to the …… they didn’t know were they had to take the sword or what they had to do with it. All their parents had said was “GO take the silver sword ,and go!” So they went not having a clue where to go. Months had passed and they had know idea were to go?

But today was the day, they would find where they needed to go and take the sword with them.


Chapter 1 by GC Y6

One day on a bright summers evening there were three rabbits called Dolk, Ding and Papple, who were sitting and eating their supper when their mother came in.  She looked distraught, her wide eyes like cricket balls because Evil Eric was on the move to rabbit country because he wanted more land to find buried treasure.  In a fit of panic, she told them that they had to go to find a new settlement, far far away from here. They spent the night packing and soon they were on the move through the crisp morning air.

Soon they came to a small settlement full of all kinds of creatures, including frogs dressed in gowns and otters in a hot tub!  The rabbits looked all through the village and found a small but cosy cottage where they could stay the night. The cottage belonged to an old badger who took pity on them. Papple, who is funny,  gave him a small coin for letting them stay.  While Ding, who was cheeky, gave him a handful of dirt and told him to do something with it! Being the oldest out of the three rabbits, Dolk shook him by the paw and helped clean the dishes.

In the morning, they were on the road again, hoping and praying to find sanctuary so that Evil Eric couldn’t find them. Evil Eric was the most cunning and evil dog of all the land. He had teeth as sharp as a tin cans and a heart that was full of evil and betrayal.  His cauliflower like feet were rapidly running to cross the borders of rabbit country.

Chapter 1 by JH Y6

It was a normal day for the good friends whisper, buddy and broodis. They were all going to hall to grab there lunch. The friends were all really happy to get there lunch so they could go on an adventure. All of them had a nack at going out and playing with sticks like they were gun’s and they were all ways getting scratched and bumped. They all sat down and ate there food so they could go out and play. Now that they finally finished the friends went to play out in the woods as they were looking for sticks whisper got hit by a grass snake.


Normally the friends wouldn’t find a single snake so to find this snake is like finding the needle in the hay stack. So the the other two friends started to beat the snake with there stick.

Chapter 1 by AS Y6

On an ordinary day, a bit like today, in a wood filled with lush leaves and tall trees lived a little boy called Jeffery. Jeffery was a small boy, around the age of 10 who had ran away from his home about a year ago because he had enough of his dreaded babysitter who was hired when his mum and dad went on a one year holiday without him or his brother Archie.


But recently Jeffrey has heard that the babysitter was caught stealing by Jeffery’s parents and was sacked.* It has been exactly 1 year since his disappearance so Archie, his mum and his dad had lost all hope that Jeffery was still alive.*Jeffery had decided had he would make a journey back to his home the house he lived in his whole live, well most of it.

How to look after a Fire Frog.

Firstly, find a enclosed space for your new pet, then get a milk cap to put some clean water in so that it can drink when it needs.

After that, make sure that the area is sound proof because they can get startled very easily.

Finally, fire frogs are known to live in hot places such as volcanoes so make sure that the room temperature is round about 1,170 degrees Celsius (2,140 degrees Fahrenheit).

How to look after a Ham.

You just got a ham and this is how take care of it.     Firstly it likes to play with other hams so take it to a ham Park and don’t over feed it or it will become a ham hole. Next you need to now how to get your ham to sleep so all you have to do is make sure it has a comfy bed and you need to sing it a lullaby. With that you need to now how to give it a bath without it getting a bit upset so you put a load of bubbles in the the bath and get some toys for your ham to play with. Finally you will need to take it outside at night sometimes because hams love to star gaze.

If you do all that you’re ham will stay forever.

How to look after a pet dragon

How to look after a pet dragon

Firstly, you will have to find a spacious, cosy place for your pet dragon to sleep but make sure that there are no holes for it to escape.

Next, you will have to find food that your dragon likes, which can consist of beef, bacon, pork, sausages and lamb.

Furthermore, you will have to give it the flowing, shiny, silver water from the River Mythical. Dragons need to drink lots of water every day to stay healthy.

Also, you will have to let your dragon fly and explore outside everyday so that it is fit and healthy.Dragons also love to go on long walks to exercise their legs.

Lastly, dragons love story’s, so when it goes to bed, every night, always remember to read it a bedtime story. A popular book for dragons is Room on the Broom.

How to look after a unicorn

How to look after a unicorn

Have you just been given a unicorn? Well your reading the right instructions. Here is how to look after one.

Firstly, make an enclosed space where your unicorn can live, a place that any predator can’t get in or your unicorn can’t get out. Secondly, Decorate your unicorns home with some comfy blankets and a nice straw bed for them to lay on. Then, provide your unicorn with some food and water. They may eat vegetables, so give them some vegetables, and water will be fine. After that, make sure that your space allows some sun light in, just so the unicorn doesn’t feel scared. Then, put your unicorn in it’s home and reassure it to make sure it knows you’re not going to hurt it. Finally, exercise them regularly so that they stay fit and healthy.

Hope this helps you understand how to look after a unicorn.

How To Look After A Turtle-Back Monkdeer

How To Look After A Turtle-Back Monkdeer

First, give your Monkdeer a lovely forest looking home with a massive bowl of perfect purple lavander. The Monkdeer likes to eat a lot of lavander and a nice nature home is a compliment to its habitat.

Then, stroke your Monkdeer before bed so that it will get to sleep properly but if you stroke it to much it will maybe give you a scratch to the eye, but it is quite harmless to you and any animals.

Except frogs, and if you think the frogs are scared of the Monkdeer well… your absolutley wrong the Monkdeer hate frogs, if you put a frog in its habitat your Monkdeer will probably wreck your home so, it is best not to bring a frog in your house.

After that, you should give it some special milk from a deamons sink you should reguarly give it the milk otherwise you will have an ear-spliting head ache from the Monkdeers very loud high pitch scream it is so loud that it could make your ears bleed.

Finally, to make your Monkdeer very happy you should give it love and care if you don’t it will be awfully sad and it may even start to cry so make sure to take care of your Monkdeer because it is a very rare species.

Take care of your Monkdeers people!

How to look after a dragon.

How to look after a pet Dragon.

Firstly, make sure u have a enclosed, fiery, warm place for your dragon so it will be hot.

Next, give it so wood so it can smoke it into ashes so it can be warm throughout the day.

After that, give it some meat so u do not become its next meal, then let it out into fresh air and put targets so it can burn it into pieces.

Finally, take it in and give it even more wood to smoke into ashes and give its final bit of meat and finally light a fire by it.

Hope this will help you understand how to look after a dragon.