How to look after a unicorn

How to look after a unicorn

Have you just been given a unicorn? Well your reading the right instructions. Here is how to look after one.

Firstly, make an enclosed space where your unicorn can live, a place that any predator can’t get in or your unicorn can’t get out. Secondly, Decorate your unicorns home with some comfy blankets and a nice straw bed for them to lay on. Then, provide your unicorn with some food and water. They may eat vegetables, so give them some vegetables, and water will be fine. After that, make sure that your space allows some sun light in, just so the unicorn doesn’t feel scared. Then, put your unicorn in it’s home and reassure it to make sure it knows you’re not going to hurt it. Finally, exercise them regularly so that they stay fit and healthy.

Hope this helps you understand how to look after a unicorn.

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