How to look after your storm Pegasus by Charlotte

How to look after a baby Storm Pegasus

Have you just found a baby storm Pegasus to look after? Are you wondering how on earth you will manage to take good care of such a magnificent creature? Do not fear. Read theses instructions and you will be able to have fun with your pet and have the pleasure of watching it grow slowly.

What you need; living room, a mini river, clouds, fish, misty shard grass and lots of love.

What you do: First, make an enclosed space with lots of natural light so it will stay safe and warm.

Next, provide a mini river for you Pegasus to swim in and make sure there is plenty of fish, preferably with coi carp to eat and play with.

Then, talk with your Pegasus and sprinkle on lots of water since they like nothing more than their water.

Also, provide regular river water and cloud shard grass changes  because Pegasus they know if the water is not changed often they will become angry.

Finally, dance for your pet and hum gently because your Pegasus will clap to the beat of the humming. If you are lucky, it will dance with you!

Pegasus make wonderful pets but one day it will fly away. It will leave and never return.

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