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How to look after a dragon by Lenny

Have you ever wanted to look after a dragon and thought it was impossible? Well the impossible just came possible.

What you need to do:

You need to fireproof a place in your garden.

Make a sleeping area out of rocks.

Make sure there are no trees near by.

Clear out a room in your house for a play room.

Make sure you have no pets otherwise there will be attacks left, right and centre.

You need to be used to very loud snoring because the dragon won’t stop snoring.

You will need to put a collar on it.

You will need to put some tasty food out every hour.

Now lastly make sure you warn your neighbours.

What you need: a collar, some tasty food, a large garden area and some rocks.

What to be worried about:

You need to worry about fire coming out of the mouth, so we recommend that you go to the vet to get this part removed.

The size is pretty big so you might need to worry about it knocking over your house.

You probably need to worry about other people because when it has been with you for a week it will get used to you, but with other people it might get a bit crazy.

Also they live for 700 years, so it’s with you for a lifetime + for generations!!!

What to do if they get ill:

You will need to go to your local dragon store to get a large bucket of dragon medicine. Then go get some Calpol and mix it in and it will eventually turn red. Now you will need to put it in your dragons mouth, while you are doing this you may find it easier to wear some heat resistant gloves so that you don’t get burnt. Do this 2 times a day. One at 9:00AM and one at 10:00PM. You should see an improvement in your dragons health in about 1 week.


All dragons are different, but all like being alone. In about a week or 2 your dragon will start to know you. It will let you feed it a lot easier and it will start letting you pet it. In about 1 month it will start letting you sit on it and then it will fly with you on it. It will let you do anything with it.  The dragon will have a lot more comfort now and know what you are going to do with it. 

Remember there are tournaments to be won with that dragon, so make the most of it.

How to look after a three headed fire breathing dog with a scorpion tail

How to pet a three headed fire breathing dog.


Mostly three headed dogs guard treasures of great kinds some people even believe they guard the book of Albion. If u would like to pet one of these creatures then u will need a steel three meters tall shed and a fire proof material when u feed this beast u will have to wear a fire proof suit and place three bowls full of dog meat in front.


Three headed dogs have thousand of teeth as sharp as knifes which they use to rip apart there prey. They have as small flame that lives in the back of there throat if u have any chance of beating this dog u will have to put the flame out if they haven’t already scorched you to death or poisoned you with there scorpion tail.

To keep this dog company you will need to buy a large rubber football. You may have to earn this dogs trust before you are able too go near it. After you have placed your three headed dogs food down u will have to retreat to safe distance before letting it out for its lunch otherwise it might mistake you for its lunch. 

Don’t worry if you follow all these instructions then you should create a bond with your new best friend in no time although some of these creatures do get scared and set fire to anything in sight this is what causes a wild fire. 

What happens when the three headed dog thinks that he is being threatened: 

When the three headed dog feels that it is threatened well it may scorch everything in sight or maybe even sting you with its scorpion if this ever happens when you feed your dog you must have someone that can call an ambulance. 

How to keep a pet pegasus.

How to look after a pet pegasus.

If you want an amazing creature as your own a pegasus is the right pet for you. 

What you need: a tungsten leash to keep your pegasus from fly away, a leather collar with tracking equipment, a saddle with all essential ridding gear, hoove polish from a local pet store, a brush and other grooming tools as well as lots of food, a pack of fairy dust and  a hutch.

What you do.

* Your pegasus will kneed to be on a leash at all times, but if you get a really long on from 100m to a mile they will have tons of room to wander around. If your unicorn is meters away make sure you have attached the tracking equipment properly.

* Good sturdy equipment is useful and necessary. Since, a Pegasus’s wing power is triple ten horses horse power. 

* Pegasus’s mealtimes can be confusing and frightful. To make sure you avoid over feeding read the information below.

– First, gather your berry and fruit mix put it in a giant bag then add 2 tbsp of fairy dust and shake.

– Secondly, poor it out on the ground.

– Finally, run inside and watch your pegasus fly in to eat.

What to watch out for.

*If your pegasus has not eaten all of it’s food with in 2-3 hours remove the remaining food. If your pegasus isn’t coming after placing the food add a tbsp more fair dust wait 5mins and repeat until it comes. If its not coming near it hutch by noon shorten the leash in the morning and after a week put it back to normal length.

How to groom a pegasus.

– First, wet your unicorn.

– Secondly, add shampoo everywhere and rinse it out.

– Then, put conditioner on the mane and tail come it through then rinse out.

– After that, dry the hair with a suitable hairdryer.

– Finally, polish the hooves.

Your pegasus will live for 70-80 years and will grow up to 2m tall.

How to keep a magical pet by Aiza

How to keep a pet Unicorn

Unicorns are magical but if you wanna keep one as a pet you need to make sure you take care of it well enough so it’s powers don’t go.

You will need

– Glitter and Stardust

– Food like berri

– A comfy place as their stable

– Even a glitter leash 

This will make it feel like it’s home and more safe around you. Make sure you keep an eye on it can be a bit of a mischief.

How to take care of it

First make sure you keep the unicorn in a magical forest like in a garden add some flowers and decorative stuff but not too much cause it will get crowded. 

Next keep its stable clean it out 3 times a week and keep add some toys and glitter but make sure you let your unicorn out they love to explore.

Thirdly and mainly leave some berries and smoothies they eat at their own time don’t force them or they can get grumpy but if you feed them the wrong food it can loose its powers so be careful what it eats.

After it starts to get used to the way you take care of them they can start being naughty.

Unicorns can fall ill quite easily since they explore and get bites by a lot of creatures . First get a bit of rainwater and a leaf apply it where the scar is then quickly get a bandage and wrap it around add its favourite flower and it should heal in a day if it doesn’t heal in a day you should go see a vet.

Perhaps your unicorn keeps on running away so put a necklace on it and have the matching one so if you are looking for your unicorn will have the matching one.

Don’t have a unicorn den you can always order from www.magicalhelp.co.uk   Or if you want to inquire something call 202 534 0191 you can order a star light projector to make it see the galaxy and even maybe a rainbow light.

How To Look After A Pet Imp By Natasha

How to look after a Pet Imp

Have you ever wondered how to look after a pet Imp? If you read these simple instructions, you will know how to!

What you will need: A strong fireproof Imp collar, fireproof blanket and pillow, plenty of pancakes and an Imp’s play chest. If you do not have any of these items, you can find them at your local Myth’s Paradise store.

What you will have to do.

*Imps are very strong and can set fire to objects. If you don’t put a collar on them will mistaken as the servants of the Devil. So it is necessary that you put a strong fireproof collar. 

*A good quality fireproof blanket and pillow. You will need these because a sleeping Imp can catch on fire and set fire to nearby objects.

*An Imp’s play chest is necessary as it likes to play with shiny objects.

The play chest will contain these items.

-Two bags of shiny balls in different colours

-A bag of fire berries.

-A mirror ball

-Crystal staff

-A demon torch

*Imps likes to catch their owner’s attention with a mirror ball and a demon torch.

*They like to have snacks from time to time. So it is crucial that you feed them some fire berries from the chest.

*Make sure that you give them attention 24/7. If you do not they will think that you do not love them anymore and will go on a rampage. Imp’s rampages are very dangerous because they will set fire to everything they see.

*Imp’s mealtimes. Make sure you follow these instructions or your pet will go on a rampage.

-Firstly, you will need to make some pancakes. They cannot be store bought. They have to be homemade.

-Next, make sure they are neatly stacked on a plate.

-Then, put chocolate spread between the pancakes.

-After that, pour honey on the pancakes.

-Lastly, serve with hot chocolate.


 *If you see changes in your pet’s behaviour, please send them to your local vet center. Looking after ill Imps is a very hard job so make sure you read these instructions carefully.

-Firstly, you will have to go to your local vet center to see what’s wrong with them.

-Next, you will give them medicine pancakes. Medicine pancakes are pancake mixture mixed with crushed up pills. This is the only way to give them medicine without getting set on fire.

-After that, your pet will sleep for 48 hours straight, so do not leave them alone whilst they are sleeping.

-Finally, after your pet Imp is well. They will give you a lot of attention.

*Imps live as long as their owners, so when you die they will die.

Always take caution whilst handling Imps. As they like to play pranks. Remember that they are skilled pranksters and spies.

Final note of warning, make sure you follow these instructions carefully.


Looking after Cerberus (the three headed dog)

Looking after Cerberus is one of the hardest things to do. Harder then looking after a dragon. So I suggest don’t get Cerberus. Get a dragon or a unicorn. There is only one Cerberus in the whole world and him himself is the most naughty, troublemaking, dangerous thing ever.

What you meed to look after him.

1. 7 Titanium chains to keep him in his enclosure.

2. A massive titanium cage to keep him in when he is being bad.

3. Raw flesh from an animal. Preferably a sheep.

4. 4 buckets for later.

5. Money.

6. Money to get on a plane.

What it eats and when to feed him.

You have to feed him at least every 2 and a half hours. It eats raw flesh, but it isn’t so smart so you can just feed him animal flesh and he won’t know the difference. It’s not easy remembering ever 2-3 hours to feed a three headed dog. He is used to this from half an eternity in Hell.


1. Attach the titanium chains you bought to the far back bars of the titanium cage.

2. Make sure Cerberus is in his enclosure and not the cage.

3. Dig a massive hole in Cerberus’s enclosure. Make sure its very deep.

4. Make sure you don’t let Cerberus near you as he might know what you’re doing.

5. Fly to Kilauea when it’s about to go off. (Make sure you bring lava proof buckets.

6. Put the lava in the lava proof buckets.

7. Fly all the way back with the buckets full of lava. 

8. Fill the hole you dug with the lava then run very fast because Cerberus will just jump in it almost straight away.

9. Get the sheep flesh and feed him half a ton of it. (Do this every 2-3 hours).

What to look for.

1. Don’t feed more than half a ton. It will over eat and get ill. If you do then go to a hospital straight away or it might do from over feeding.

2. Don’t hold the buckets of lava yourself. Hold it with a machine and make sure it doesn’t spill. This one is very discernible but make sure you do this anyway.

3. If you don’t run when you finish pouring the lava in then Cerberus is going to kill you by accident. 

4. He is going to stretch his legs a lot (literally) and one of the stretches is scratching the air so make sure you don’t go near him when he is stretching.

Now your done. Well done you’ve done a very good job. I’m very proud of this work and I might do more like this but with other mythical creatures.

How to look after a garden troll. By Keira

Garden trolls

Do you want to know what it is like to have an interesting pet? If you do I recommend that you buy a garden troll. They are very friendly and they will keep you company on a sunny day in the garden. However, I would recommend that you get two then they will never get lonely. 

What you need:

  • A really nice garden with a pond, 
  • golden nuggets for your troll to eat,
  • a little hill so that your garden troll can sleep under it.

What you do: you have to be very gentle with the trolls as they don’t like it when its loud.

-firstly you need to make friends with your troll. That means you have to keep quiet and spend some time with it just until it gets used to its environment.

-secondly you need to feed him and make sure that you do that twice a day: at mid morning and mid afternoon. They only need it twice a day as they like to snack on grass and it is also good for them.

-after that you have to make sure that your troll is settling in well. If not then the best thing that you can do is to let it go free into a peaceful meadow where there is no things that can harm it. 

Things your troll will need: Trolls like to sleep under a little grass hill. You can purchase it at B+Q. It is in the troll section. They also like to have big trees and ferns. You may have to go and catch some fairies as they are their best friends. 

I would suggest to do these steps very carefully because If your pet troll gets ill it is quite hard to cure it. As the trolls have a shell-like back, it is hard to operate as there is no skin. However, if it does get ill then it will cost £1000! Here are some ways that it can get ill: if they are bored, not the right surroundings, if they are lonely. 


Life span

Garden trolls can live to 20-25. It is possible that your troll can live for longer but its Quite unlikely. They can grow up to 90cm. But as a baby they are around about 30cm. 

Grooming: it is good to groom your troll every 3 weeks as they are quite clean but they can get a bit messy. With some trolls you will find that they prefer to clean themselves as long as they have a not very deep pond. 

If you follow all them steps then your troll should be as happy as any troll can be.

How to look after a pet Ghoul by Mark

How to look after a pet Ghoul

Have you ever wanted a rare pet? If so you can buy a Ghoul at our colosseum where we keep all the Ghouls in the world. These creatures will always entertain you.

However a pet Ghoul is no ordinary pet. As it is a dangerous creature for keeping as a pet. If you want to keep a pet Ghoul, you will have to follow these rules to not get eaten by one!

A pet Ghoul will like an open area to run in because it likes running, but it also needs trees for shad and because they also like climbing trees. If your pet Ghoul falls out of a tree you will need your medical supplies what you should have gotten. This would be a hard job because Ghouls don’t like being physically touched and also if you touch the lump where it fell on it will start screaming and might go crazy. 

Your pet Ghoul will need somewhere to live, so for your pet Ghoul you will need:Fresh meat, a cage, a large field with trees and some medical supplies.

What you do:

Your pet Ghoul will run around freely in the field. However if it sees another human it will run towards the human and try eating them. That’s why you need a cage just in case it tries eating someone. If your Ghoul tries eating someone, try and put the cage in front of it because the ghoul doesn’t know where it is going it only has the human in sight.

Training your ghoul will be a good idea, so then the ghoul won’t go and chase humans around. There is also a competition about Ghouls racing, but not many people go because no one really wants a pet Ghoul. If you train your Ghoul it will start to gain your trust and will do what you tell it to.

A Ghouls meals time is serious because when the Ghoul is hungry it will do anything to get food. Make sure to follow these instructions to not get eaten. ~First you need fresh meat. 

~Next get your ghoul into the cage. 

~Then once it’s in the cage drop the meat in with tongues. 

~Finally, close the cage and leave alone to eat.

Remember this Ghouls can hear a humans heartbeat from miles when it’s hungry so make sure to stay away from the Ghoul while it eats.

A sleeping Ghoul is very quiet, so don’t disturb the Ghoul while it sleeps. The smallest noise could wake it up. If you wake it up and if it sees something shiny it might steal it, so don’t leave your treasures near your pet Ghoul otherwise it will take all of your treasures!

If you need some more supplies for your pet Ghoul make sure to go to the website www.PetGhoulSupplies.co.uk and purchase them online.

How to look after a Phoenix by Anabelle

If you have ever wanted a mythical pet that everyone would be jealous of then now you have your chance! We are doing a competition and whoever wins gets a free Phoenix. Go to MythicalCreaturePets.com to find out more.

What you will need to look after a Phoenix:

. A bird stand with a bowl at the bottom (this is included in the prize if you win the Phoenix),

. Special bird seeds that you can find at our website (MythicalCreaturePets.com),

. Somewhere outside where it is safe for the Phoenix to spread it’s wings and have 30mins or more to have a fly about and get some fresh air. (These places might be a nearby park, a large garden or somewhere in the country).

. The last thing that you will need to look after a Phoenix is a dust pan and brush. You need this because every 5 months the Phoenix will turn to ash and you need to sweep up the bits of ash that don’t fall in the bowl under the bird stand.

What do you need to do?

To look after a Phoenix you must feed it special bird seeds that you can buy at our website and feed it to your Phoenix 4 times a day. These times should be around 8:30am, 11:00pm, 3:30pm and and 6:00pm. You also need to take it out for 30 minutes or more once or twice a day so that it can get some fresh air and spread it’s wings. You don’t need to worry about your Phoenix not coming back to you because wherever it goes it will always find you again!

Things you might want to know about your Phoenix:

. Phoenix’s are very loyal pets! If you are in danger and call your Phoenix’s name it will immediately come and help you.

. Amazingly, Phoenix’s also have healing powers in their tears. If you are hurt then your Phoenix will fly to you, cry on you and you will be healed in under 45seconds!

. To tell that your Phoenix is a boy or girl then at the bottom of a girl’s tail is gold and at the bottom of a boy’s tail it is a darker red then the rest of it.

. To teach your Phoenix it’s name then 2 and a half weeks after it’s born you need to tell it it’s name for 5mins and then it well never forget it’s name and you can never change it.

. If you have a Phoenix then you will have them for life! They will never leave you and they will only die when you die. Even if you want to get rid of a Phoenix you can’t. If you want one they are very loyal and amazing pets!

What happens if your Phoenix gets ill?

This is VERY important information! When you read this you must not do anything else apart from what this information tells you or your Phoenix could get even more poorly! These are signs that your pet Phoenix is ill:

. They are not eating,
. Their gold beaks will turn a dull brown colour,
. Their eyes are usually a gold colour but they will turn a light grey if the are ill,
. When you take your Phoenix out for some fresh air if it doesn’t fly around and it just sits on your shoulder then this is also a sign that it is ill.

If your pet Phoenix does get ill then this is what you should do:

. First go to our website and book an appointment with a doctor. You can’t get any normal doctor because they know nothing about mythical creatures.
. Next when you see this doctor you must describe very clearly why you think that your pet is ill.
. The doctor should have your Phoenix fixed and ready to go back to you in usually under 3 days. None of our doctors have failed to make your pet better for 17 years!

If your Phoenix does get it ill then you will have to pay £175 to get it better again depending on how ill it is.

What you should not do with your Phoenix:

If you ever give your Phoenix water to drink then you will end up with no Phoenix at all! This is because in the middle of a Phoenix’s heart there is fire. This is how the they turn into flames every 5 months. Scientists are not able to explain how this is possible. If you feed your pet Phoenix water then it will extinguish the fire in it’s heart and it will turn to ash but never be come back to life. Instead you should feed it warm milk after every meal. You should also never feed your Phoenix normal bird seeds. If you do then first feathers will start falling out and then it will sadly die. To stop this you must use special bird seed that you can order at MythicalCreaturePets.com. If you are caught feeding your Phoenix water or normal bird seeds on purpose then you will go to jail for 5 years!

The weather unicorn By Zac

The weather unicorn is one of the rarest unicorns in the world. In the universe theres only 200 two are the sun and moon the other 198 are in every country because there’s only 198 countries in the world.

And are rarely seen most places you will find it in gardens eating or in the clouds. If your in a Small country its way easier. They control the weather when there angry thunderstorms happen on some places in the country. And rains when there sad for some reason the British is normally sad because its. Always hungry. And when its happy snow or sunny.

The wheather unicorn has thick black wings, space black fur and rainbow hair. The weather unicorn    which has a rainbow mane  and tail is normally spotted in gardens and high up.

The weather unicorn mostly feeds on insects and birds. And drinks from the clouds water particles.

Especially like big spiders and lizards with favourite meal is alligators in the big cities in big countries put  for alligators in the town Square feeding section.

There’s not much known about the weather unicorn or how it was born. There is no dead Bodies of this creature but however the Greeks did big pictures of them. Scientists believe God sent them down in the ancient Greeks time to control the weather and stop the hot weather.

First person to find this creature was Alexander Hamilton recently become to football matches and watch from the top I don’t know if they think the players are food or something.