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Contrasting Character Scene

Jason playfully skipped towards the swings, delighted to be in the park. As he approached the bustling playground, Jason waited patiently for his turn. “Can I have a go after you, please?” asked Jason politely to a small child.

“Yes, I am just about to get off,” replied the young boy.

Jason edged towards the empty swing. Suddenly, a deep voice from behind grunted “MOVE!”. Andre, who goes to the same school as Jason, barged straight past him, shoving him to the ground. “It’s my turn now,” he sniggered.

“I have already been waiting five minutes,” mumbled Jason nervously staring at the floor.

“Snooze you lose!” shrieked Andre, followed by a roar of laughter from his gang. Jason took a step back as his eyes began to tear up. Andre leapt towards him, like an animal attempting to catch its prey. Jason let out a loud scream and hurtled towards the exit of the park; he could hear the echo of teenage giggles coming from behind him.

The Abandoned Church

Chase peered into the desolate church. On a stormy evening at midnight, the wind whistled between the never-ending rows of pews that surrounded him. Outside the stained-glass window, a rumble of thunder caused the trees to tremble as a flash of lightning narrowly missed the branches. In the far corner of the church, dead, wilted flowers lay below the damp beams. Above the altar, hundreds of melted candles were hanging while wax dripped down the ornate wooden wall. Suddenly, a creak came from behind him. Then another. And another. Chase was frozen with fear.



Outside, wind whirled through the narrow trees, howling like a werewolf illuminated by the full-moon. In the eerie forest, damp leaves suffocate the mossy ground. Gregory Marshall dashes through the woods panting in fear while his feet sink deep into the mud with every step, as if he belonged to the moist soil below. Suddenly, a silhouette emerged behind him, clutching onto a rusty shovel.

The Hot Air Balloon

The hot air balloon soars,

a cloud swaying in the distance.


Its vibrant parachute inflates

like a rainbow on a rainy day.


The flames are ferocious fans of fire;

hot as lava,


in a haze.


Ropes cling to a steel frame

A wind rattles.


The wicker basket guards elated thrill seekers

like a soldier protecting their kingdom.

Arms dangle,

waiting impatiently.


The adventurous spirits remain,

to see the world.

We Can and We Will

You are a fierce leopard
sprinting through the woods.

You are a smart, slithering sandwich
escaping from a lunch box.

You are a gaunt boy
waiting to be fed.

You are a beautiful rose
smiling at the sunshine in the distance.

You are a stained glass window
waiting to be reflected in Pie Corbett’s reading room.

You are a shooting star
shining as bright as a thousand jewels.

You are a glass- half-empty,
stood thinking about the rainy days of life.

You are bright, blue eyes
as deep as the Atlantic.

You are a tall tree
taking a breath of fresh air
in the furthest corner of the park.

You are an autumnal leaf
falling to the depths of despair.

You are a sinking shipwreck
stranded like the Titanic
alone in the world.

You are a child in Rotherham,
saying We can and We will.

You are the end.