We Can and We Will

You are a fierce leopard
sprinting through the woods.

You are a smart, slithering sandwich
escaping from a lunch box.

You are a gaunt boy
waiting to be fed.

You are a beautiful rose
smiling at the sunshine in the distance.

You are a stained glass window
waiting to be reflected in Pie Corbett’s reading room.

You are a shooting star
shining as bright as a thousand jewels.

You are a glass- half-empty,
stood thinking about the rainy days of life.

You are bright, blue eyes
as deep as the Atlantic.

You are a tall tree
taking a breath of fresh air
in the furthest corner of the park.

You are an autumnal leaf
falling to the depths of despair.

You are a sinking shipwreck
stranded like the Titanic
alone in the world.

You are a child in Rotherham,
saying We can and We will.

You are the end.

One Response to “We Can and We Will”

  1. 1. I love the idea about the glass being half empty and thinking about the rainy days of life.
    2. Can you find places where you could ‘name it’?
    3. Instead of ‘jewels’, trying naming them, e.g. emeralds.

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