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The night before christmas

It was a cold winter night.
Everyone was in their snug homes watching Christmas films…
The night before Christmas
Everyone made a Christmas tree and decorations
Pies, cookies, milk, carrots
Was being made for Santa
The sound of chicken being cooked for a Christmas feast
The night before Christmas
After 10o’clock not a sound was heard
The next day
Everyone saw dozens of presents
The pies, cookies, milk and carrots are all gone
There was only crumbs left
The night before Christmas…

Winter poem Mollie TJS

Snow falls slowly as snowmen

stand alone in a field

waiting for a friend.


Ice puddles once free flowing

 now encased in a slice of time,

slowly moving again.


Christmas trees stand in line waiting for a Christmas miracle. 

The spiky tree lit up the sky and was the star of the show!


Icicles hang from the rooftop,

Slowly dripping down,

scaring anyone that stairs.


People shiviring between the snowy buildings,

Children making snowmen with the  cloud like snow,

Snow flakes landing on children’s toungs,

Cars drifting in the muddy snow.


The seasons by ZaraP TJS

Waves crash on the shore,
People eat yummy ice cream,
Very happy dreams,
We all build snowmen,
Chicken dinner all around,
Snowflakes on my nose,
Birds start to sing,
Baby lambs come out to play,
We all sing hooray,
It’s getting colder,
The song starts to die away,
Leaves crunch under me,
Christmas pudding yay,
We all wear coats to keep warm,
White snow falls today.

4 seasons

Snow  falls on the floor

leaves lay on the floor                                                    

Smell of Christmas dinner                         


Ice cream melts in the sunlight 

Pools being used for once 

No blankets can be seen 


Leaves crush hurt my ears

Wind sways into the branches

Smell of pollen fills nose 


Flowers starting to grow on there stem 

Dandelions ready to sprout 

Smell of the air of cut grass 

Hot sun melts ice cream 

Pools being used and make a lake 


Winter by Ollie

Icicles dripping.

Soft snowmen melting swiftly.

Snow falling slowly.

Fire exiting houses.

Warm soup entering my stomach.

Hot chocolate being sipped.

Northern lights glowing.

Wooly scarfs being wrapped.

Crackers being tugged.

Mince pies being devoured.

Children playing joyfully.

Santa flying around earth.

Winter frost

As the winter day,

 starts it’s cold wind gives a chill,

down your spine  whilst breath,

 leaves a stain  slowly disappearing.

Into the distant whilst the fresh green grass is covered in frost,

The gloomy day begins on a cold winters morning. As the rivers and lakes freeze back in time,

And the sound of crunching leaves leaves a ghostly trail.

The melting snowman

Leaves changing colour.

Leaves rustling under my feet.

Bonfire burning bright.

Crispy snowflakes  falling.

Muddy snowman being rolled.

Children playing in the snow.

White and crispy

Chocolate egg’s are diving scrumptious.

flowers booms, snow melts.

Enormous big beach.

Children chatting excitedly.

Hot dogs in the sun.