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How to train an ice dragon!

Have you just been given an ice dragon to look after?Are you wondering how to take such good care of your pet?Well don’t worry read these instructions and then you will see your pet thrive to its maximum potential.

What you need:Buckets of ice, a space for the dragon to play in, a bowl of cold water and a bunch of frozen lime green grass.

Steps to create a home environment for your ice pet dragon:

First, create a colossal, wide area for your pet to live in.

Next, find an ice block the shape of a cuboid and a cold place for your ice dragon to sleep in.

Then, speak to your pet everyday and brush its back gently.

Also, feed your pet some frozen grass and a big chunk of an ice block 4 times a day.

After that, take your pet out to a colossal field to play, but make sure there are not any bulldogs round because ice dragons are petrified of bulldogs.

Later on, play with your pet ice dragon otherwise it might fade away.

Finally, put on rock songs because if you are lucky it might play the guitar for you.

Ice dragons will grow out of any home. Sadly, when this happens, you will have to release your dragon into the Antartica. If you treated your dragon nicely it may return to visit you.





How to take care of a baby dragon

How to look after a baby dragon


Well have you just been given a baby dragon and you have no idea what to do with it ?

That’s where I can help you, follow these bits of advice I will give and you will have a happy healthy dragon.


First find a place in your garden that’s right in the sun, the spot only needs to be twice as big as your tiny dragon. Once you have done that dig a hole so that the dragon can blow his puffy clouds of smoke into it when he’s feeling angry.


Next how to feed your dragon. For breakfast feed it a pile of sea slug slime ( it will make him strong)

and  for a drink ,grassy water. For lunch, some berries and soil and more water. Now for dinner give the same drink with a few added branches and leaves ( they’re meant to be very healthy for dragons) this should fill their tummies nicely.


Finally when your dragon is scared of something, encourage them and remind your them  they are loved and they’re doing a great job.

So there you go that is how to take care of your baby dragon,


Good luck ,from a dragon expert

How to train a unicorn

How to train a unicorn

Do you need help looking after a unicorn? Are you freaking out? Fear not, we can help. Read this.


Equipment: Milk bottle, milk powder, fun toys, and cosy space and lots of patience.


First, create a comfy and cosy space for your unicorn [ preferably in the sun].

Next, give them a 9 litre bottle of milk and some attention.

Then, take them on a 1 mile walk.

Also, make sure they don’t go near dogs because they can go mad.

After that give them some toys to play with.

Later on, give them a nap of 2 hours.

Finally, help them become kind to all species.

It can be hard to but once you think they’re ready you need to let them go.

How do you look after a baby ice dragon

First make space for your ice dragon, it will need to be cold, it will be happy there.

Next provide a bed made out of ice, so it will never melt, it likes to eat frozen fish fingers and ice cream.

Then play games like musical statues, tag and snow ball fights.

Also it likes to drink cold water because it keeps him cold.

After that you should give it flying lessons by running while holding it in the air.

Finally put it to bed after reading it a book about dragons. Don’t forget to give your ice dragon lots of love.

How to look after a baby dragon

How to look after a baby dragon

First get some food like fish and some water. Next put it to bed it’s better on a bed or sofa. Later on help it fly and that will help so his or her wings will grow huge.Finally the dragon will have become huge big enough to ride you will need to be very careful because dragon’s scales a can break easily.

BREAKING NEWS- Kraken in Kingsthorpe

Lydia Owens, News Correspondent.

This is the 7 ‘o’ clock news. This morning, a kraken has been sighted in Kingsthorpe! It was a normal, sunny day, and lots of people were at the Obilisk park. Suddenly, a kraken rose out of a lake, waving it`s tentacles! The kraken grabbed the nearest people and nearly drowned them. (Luckily they were recovered afterwards.) Philip Lazookay; Illianka Yates; and Julius Nightshieild were the victims.

When I arrived, the victims were being helped out of the lake. Phillip was angry, so he declared that that he would never go near a body of water again. An adolescent girl, called Una, was walking by at the time. She said " I will never get over the fact that there is a monster living here. An eyewitness has said that it had 'infra-red eyes, vast tentacles and razor teeth'.

The local police have banned anyone going into the park until further notice. The prime minister is shocked about this chaos, and will make a speech tomorrow. Personally, I think scientists should study this peculiar species. Beware: any large bodies of water near you (lake minimum) could be dangerous. Tune in later for more news.

Sight of a PHOENIX!

Mr Jonson

We are interrupting this program with breaking news, there has been a sighting of a PHOENIX! Ruby Jane [ the
witness ] told me [ Mrs Jonson ] that she saw an unusual bird, she saw it disintegrate and that was when she new it was a phoenix. Ruby was very shocked.

Ruby said this phoenix was ruby red and had a sunset orange tail and a butter cup yellow long belly. It disintegrated in to a char-coal black mess. The phoenix was found in a deep dark forest in a net and when it disintegrated it escaped the net.

The police had said that it is impossible to see a phoenix and then a phoenixologist said that you can only find a phoenix in a desert island but Ruby new that she had seen a phoenix.

The Ice Emporium

There are some places that are too cold to enter. The Ice Emporium was just like that. 

Even though the sign on the door said open. Even though the lights were always bright, hanging in the window. Even though it smelt like fresh cupcakes were  baking in the oven. Even though you heard soft music playing within. Even though during Easter, chocolate was sat in the window. 

But no one ever dared to enter. The window was full of joyfulness and toys, but nobody ventured in. No one except for Jasmine. 

Chapter 1 – through the door 

Jasmine had always been different from the other kids. Her mother described her as a curious child. One sunny morning, when she was riding her bike up and down the street, she noticed that the door to the Emporium was slightly ajar. Without taking a moment’s pause she ventured in…….for the first time someone had entered the Emporium. 

There were hundreds of toys and sweets surrounding the shop. Jasmine watched in astonishment as a train whizzed around on top of it a toy parrot sang a joyful tune. But what made Jasmine amazed the most was that it wasn’t just a normal toy and sweet shop, it was ALL made from ice!  Up above her was a massive dragon made from ice and a muscular soldier sat on top of him. You would look to the side and see a massive frozen lollipop. But what caught Jasmine’s eye was an ice book. As she touched it, it unfroze so she could turn the pages. 

 “I see you’ve found my old freeze book,” came a voice behind Jasmine. She gasped quickly, shut the book and turned to see the silhouette. He was an old man with beady little eyes but the biggest glasses you or I have ever seen. Perched on his shoulder was a colourful parrot. The parrot shook its head at Jasmine disappointedly.  

I want to paint

I want to Paint a



Shimmering shiny mermaid elegantly gliding through the glistening sparkling seawater. With discovered and undiscovered creatures hiding in it.Being followed by colossal ships.Sailing through the Ocean trying to find new land to stay the night on.


Sitting on the quiet beach, children watched in amazement as the tide pushed the shells back and forth through the deep blue sea.



The sky was covered in sun making it  a bright and happy day.The children jumped in the sea and each grabbed a special seashell to keep forever and to remember this wonderful day.