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what is…

What is sipkey?

A hedgehog dancing around with a pointy narrow nose.A knight sword as it stabs through multiple enemies. 


What is hot?

The sun is as hot as it’s rays sleeping from the sun into space. A volcano, hot splitting out from its lava bath with its ginormous rock bubbles.


What is deadly?

A car crashing at speed into a giant volcano.Anaconda biting through skin and bone with his poisonous fangs.


What is cold?

 The arctic is cold, freezing every plant that is trying to grow. The snowflake falling down to the soft ground.


what is?

what is livid?

Steam flying from a trains furnace

a storm as it throws thunderous

vibrations towards a powerless panicked


my mum when my teenage brother

refuses to get out of bed.


What is wackiness?

Clowns in a circus squirting people in

the face, wearing a blue wooly hat in the brilliant sunshine and living in a pineapple under the sea and having a starfish called Patrick as your best friend.


What is danger?

A King Cobra coiling curiously around it’s prey, a shadowy stranger lurking down the docks and Dilophosaurus spitefully spitting poison. 

what is?

What is pain?My sister when she dislocates her shoulder, a Victorian child in a mine pulling at a corf like a slave,a tremendous tree being brutally chopped down for resources.


What is revenge?Where you give someone what they deserve,giving a little comeback to a small insult,torturing somebody for something they have done to you.


What is torturing?It is where you are punished for something you can not remember,the countless hours of working that Victorian child in a workhouse,a shimmering bullet until you are small and crying again.

What is…?

What is love?  You and your family spending time together, obsessed with a toy, and having a connection with your pet.


What is delicate? A mannequin’s tear falling from an eye, catching a pixie, and a vase without a pattern.


What is revenge? Stealing your brother’s chocolate since he hasn’t eaten it, a drone flying to your secret den to spy (not secret anymore) and pouring any ice cold water on their head. 


What is scrumptious?  A marshmallow hanging over the fire, a chocolate oozing by the cooker, and a sweet melting to form a river.


What is dark? A murder scene giving you shivers, you in a victorian time as a child in the mines, and a Reaper with a shiny sliver axe. 


What is pain? A water cress flower dieng, a lily pad with a frog on it waving bye to its family,and a murky cloud fading away.


What is sad? You in the blues, a panda’s heart floating away to the and of pass, and a homeless person who could be living  a life like you.  By Freya Hinckley.

What is joy: Joseph w

 What Is…


What is hate?

The fury of the answer no, a cancelled holiday and an argument between two close friends.


What is despair?

The loss of an irreplaceable heirloom that has been in your family for generations and generations, a broken relationship and the terrible effects of global warming.


What is death?

The end of one chapter and the beginning of another, the defeat of a blundering bond villain in Moonraker and the destruction of the amazon rainforest.


What is joy?

A hot, midsummers day, the discovery of a new hiding spot and the crinkling of a chocolate wrapper.


What is fear? 

A ferocious lightning storm at midnight, a shiver down your spine what a floorboard creaks and the blood curdling clatter of shattered glass.



I want to ……?

What is insane?

Jumping off the incredibly high I.S.S, going on Pepsi Max in Black Pool pleasure beach and being in a James Bond action movie.


What is Heavy? 

What is…?

An elephant crashing through a wall, a rocket blasting off into space and the weighty gazebo in our playground.


What is hot?

The oven blasting out heat when my dad opens it, the sun radiating fire as humans try and land on it and one of those metal roundabouts in parks that try and burn your skin.

What is…

What is happiness? A bright and sunny day, a field of early spring flowers and a chocolate eclair oozing in my mouth. 


What is frail? A chinese vase on a kitchen shelf, a friendship lost and gone and a dog’s soul slowly going into the land beyond.


What is pain? A watery tear trickling down your cheek, your oldest furry friend losing its life and a connection of love gne. 


What is love? A new baby brought to a family, memories in your heart and just one hug to smile.

What is …?

What is Raging? Billy (my younger brother) pretending that he is fighting a wild racoon in his sleep, a livid tiger when it’s lamb leg got taken away from it by a hungry lion and a scarlet, amber and saffron fire crackling like gunshots in the middle of a war.


What is loud? A man with a bagpipe playing on the cobbled streets of Glasgow, Pavarotti singing in the Sydney Opera House and Niel Armstrong shooting up into space to find if there is any life up there. 


What is Dirty? My football boots after playing a match for Malpas at the muddy social, a little kid eating chocolate with it smeared all over her face and the insults that politicians give each other about their campaign.

what is? by Jamie-Farndon

What is gay?I am when i play football in the rain and my foot connects with the ball,

Mrs Richards when she always has a smile on her face and lights up my day,

Freya because she always laughs and has a good time.


What is outraged?My teacher when she thunders into the classroom after just telling someone off,a tiger when they have just ripped someone to shreds,Mount Etna squirting its scorching lava out from her crater.


What is cruel?Animal poachers creeping through poor elephants habitats shooting them for their own greed,dogs getting captured and being left in the worst environments,parrots being tortured for pics.

That is cruel…

What is?

                        What is?


What is delicious? A margherita steaming after coming out of a wood burning pizza oven, the heavenly Big Mac floating down my oesophagus or a beautifully toasted marshmallow dripping over the fire.


What is insane? Lara Croft stealing treasure from the secret temple, James Bond zooming down the street in his Aston Martin DB5 and The Amazing Spider Man swinging through New York City. 


What is grim? A dead body found in an dark, abandoned house, a murder scene in an ally or death itself coming to strangle its next victim.