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The Air Ship

Luna and Cho gazed at the movements of the brown, soft hares in the field below. To the side was a glowing fire that was glisteneing in the gloomy, narrow  cave. Just then, they landed on the grey, crusty gravel. The sounds were fading…. and the cave wasn’t glistening any more with the glow of the purple, warm fire. In the distance Luna stared at the blue, pale bluebell. Cho and Luna moved on down the grey, crusty gravel until they reached the dark, narrow cave on the cliff.  They reached the cave and turned their  heads sideways to the other side and spotted something brown in the dark, damp cave.

Suddenly there was a “ROOOOAAAARRRR”………


The Sky dragons.

Rosie stared at the extrodanary sunset.

At that moment, three sky dragons came onto the sky ship! Just then, Rosie spotted a bloody sword sitting on the floor so she ran towards it and picked it up. But just as she was doing that a bird flew onto her back. But it wasn’t just a normal bird it was a huge bird! Rosie thought it was friendly but it was actually nasty…It was telling the dragons to carry on fighting whilst it was hunting for it’s prey.

Rosie was so scared that she nearly fell off the sky ship to death! With a blink of an eye, Rosie saw a three headed dog come running up to her! Rosie thought she recognised this dog and she whispered.. “That’s Fluffy!” Fluffy kept barking and it seemed to work because all of the sky dragons flew away from the sky ship!

So Fluffy and Rosie decided they wanted to live together! So they did…For a very long old time.


Never trust these dangerous creatures as they have mighty mussels and could push a hole house down!

The Fire Dragon Approaches

The fire dragon approaches.

It’s eyes are orange like lava.

It’s wings have the pattern of a bonfire.

It’s tail is as spiky as a mace.

It’s head has horns as sharp as a curved sword.

The dragon’s mouth opens  and breathes out an unpredictable ball of flames.

I am terrified and trapped on the airship.

The Dragon

The cold,misty forest was getting gloomier and gloomier.

Until a dragon named ‘Fire’ came in hunting for his prey.

Then as quick as a flash, he hid behind a green, giant tree.

The huge, scaley dragon was hiding from the red,caped girl.

Then suddenly, the  red,caped girl disappeared into the mist far away from her home.

Eventually,Fire continued hunting for his prey.

Return of the ice dragon

The dragon landed back on his cave,

like a harrier jet.

His bright red eyes,

shining like a polished ruby.

Skin like rough worn leather,

white as freshly fallen snow.

The dragon’s claws,

sharp as a chief’s knife.

Humongous veiny wings,

slowly flapping in the breeze,

before closing like a soft oak door shutting gently.

The ice dragons mouth wide open,

breathing out ice with the smell of cold-blooded meat.

The Dragon

The dragon


The dragon has colourful love hearts on it’s tummy.

The dragons wings are colourful and stripey.

The tail looks like a horses head.


– Nicole


The dragon has red in his wings.

The dragon is flying in the night gazing sky.

The dragon is flying in the colourful, bright moon.




The dragon is fierce and friendly.

He flies through the black night sky.

He is very, very aggressive.


– Abbie


The dragon has rainbow spikes all over his back and tail.

The dragon’s body is pink, green and orange.

The dragon breathes out flaming hot fire.


– Ella Rose


The dragon is ten times stronger than an elephant.

The dragon has twisted black whiskers.

The dragon has a twisted body going all around its cave.


– Laura


A dragon is flying as high as a bird, with wings as big as a bat.

A tail as long as a snake.

A dragon as red as a fire.




The dragon breaths out blowing hot healing power.

The dragons wings are like a rainbow and shiny.

A tail as long as an elephant.

– Sophie

The Fluffy Pink CandyFloss:)

The cold wind was blowing everywhere

And the fluffy, pink candyfloss was swaying in the wind.

A girl saw the candyfloss and the candyfloss looked good.

How windy the wind was getting, it blew the candyfloss out of the green,mossy tree.

“Wisha!Wisha!” The green,mossy tree said in the cold, misty wind.

The candyfloss was falling apart, and was nearly a brown,classic stick.

Faster,faster,faster the wind was chasing the girl with the pink,fluffy candyfloss.


Marvellous Monty !

There he sits in the shadows, a welcome relief from the blazing mid day sun, planning his next attack. Monty although small in size is mighty in structure. His  powerful  hands grip the vine covered branches with ease. He excitedly climbs  to his favourite hiding spot in the green tropical trees. From here his view is vast, angry waves crashing like thunder to his left to the right he can see his friends playing in the worm white sand .Monty decides to go down and play with them ,he climbed down his ropes to play it. Monty went down and they started to play it . Monty`s  best friend flash wasn`t there for some reason so he went to find him . Monty could hear flash calling him, it was coming for the shady corner. Flash sat there eating some fresh berries .Flash and Monty are cousins , but Monty and flash don`t see each other allot because Monty lives near the sea and Flash  lives  in the shady corner .