The Sky dragons.

Rosie stared at the extrodanary sunset.

At that moment, three sky dragons came onto the sky ship! Just then, Rosie spotted a bloody sword sitting on the floor so she ran towards it and picked it up. But just as she was doing that a bird flew onto her back. But it wasn’t just a normal bird it was a huge bird! Rosie thought it was friendly but it was actually nasty…It was telling the dragons to carry on fighting whilst it was hunting for it’s prey.

Rosie was so scared that she nearly fell off the sky ship to death! With a blink of an eye, Rosie saw a three headed dog come running up to her! Rosie thought she recognised this dog and she whispered.. “That’s Fluffy!” Fluffy kept barking and it seemed to work because all of the sky dragons flew away from the sky ship!

So Fluffy and Rosie decided they wanted to live together! So they did…For a very long old time.


Never trust these dangerous creatures as they have mighty mussels and could push a hole house down!

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