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Chapter 4 – carrying on journey

Silently, some two characters stood tall and proud, some ginormous sets of footprints sat behind them, black leather covering their whole body. The only reason why both of them where there is because they like seeing foxes and because they like having fox pie for their lunch. They ran as fast as they could in-between all of the trees because they knew woodchoppers weren`t good at running through the trees, so they were able to get away. 

So, they started to carry on their journey towards Fantastic Fields, but Lizar their friend the red lizard came to them and told them that the woodchoppers are about one mile away from them. They finally got to their destination; they were finally at Fantastic Fields. Near Fantastic Fields there was a lake with rocks around it and nearby it. 

The woodchoppers were getting closer and closer that they are excited about the fox pie that they were going to have. Grim and Grom were getting trapped near all of the rocks then they were captured.  

The three fishamigos

A starfish? Jimbo thought it was the Megalodon. What was once a tiny ant sized starfish turned into a Pluto sized menacing, machine. 

“I am Patrick, second heart of the Megalodon, ruler of destruction. You have committed an unforgivable crime.” Everyone was awake. Jimbo now knew what his crime was. He had eaten the starfish salami as he had eaten nothing in days. Prawn guards circled the starfish only to be flung away carelessly. Suddenly, an interdimensional like portal appeared and grabbed everyone’s undivided attention. Crabs and lobsters from claw city came to join the battle. 

“Go and continue your adventure.” the Prawn palace guard shouted. The three fish fled from prawn palace whilst Patrick was distracted.  

By morning, they made it to claw city.  

“Do you think we’ll be welcome here?” asked Jim, “we did endanger dozens of clawed creatures.” 

“It’s ok,” answered Jimbo, “I remember my mum telling me that the clawed creatures love a good fight.” Surprisingly, claw city was empty.  

“A modernised environment could surely top battling in warzones.” Jimmy argued. Everything went dark. Jimbo felt his spine shiver once again. 

chapter 3

Ted and Sid were hiding whilst Pedro went to get food. Moments later Pedro got caught and many robots started to chase Pedro, Ted and Sid.

They ran down into the forest and the robots lost them and the rabbits went to far into the forest and they saw the golem, all of them were hiding behind a tree  the golem was anxious and anything in his path, he will destroy. They carefully sneaked around.

Chapter 3

The footsteps were getting closer. Pipkin realized that a gardener was chasing him, the gardener weard some worn out  clothes and he was old but he didn’t look too friendly. Although he wasn’t in the mood to take it as a joke he was only he to look after his perfect bushes but he hated when animals would mess with his bushes. Pipkin ran as fast as he could while the gardener was behind Pipkin trying to scare him away with his shovel. Pipkin hid behind a dusty brick wall waiting for the gardener to lose him. The gardener got board trying to find Pipkin so he left him alone. Pipkin sighted as he returned back to the alley way. They continued their journey to the frosty hill side of mount icest. It was now the evening and night was approaching Pasco, Pipkin and Prue were tried from walking but they reached Mount icest. Pasco found some steep snow for them to sit on and reast but then without realizing the gorm followed them and then our hero’s were trapped by multiple guards surrounding them.

chapter 3 – Vice commander

Kirito and Paimon have seen a mysterious shadow behind a rock. They went over to look at what it is and saw the queen pigeon tied to a plate. The vice commander Cerberus came back and was about to eat the queen pigeon alive. “How on earth did you get the queen?” questioned Kirito. 

“Well, you know we might’ve ruined your village,” laughed the vice commander. 

“No. Why. How could you,” said Kirito as he stood shocked. 

“Because my general hate you and wants to give a worse punishment than death,” said the vice commander. 

Kirito pulled out Excalibur and cut of the commanders’ legs. They all ran away to mooshroom mase. The worse, but the closes place. 


They got to mooshroom maze and ran to the closest dead end. They asked the queen some questions and gave her a heal potion. Looking for a way out, they couldn’t even find were they started. Luckily, Kirito picked up some salad from the forest so they went to another dead end and ate it. As they were walking peacefully, the vice commander teleported right in front of them. His legs were back to normal and was full of energy. 

Chapter 3 – the danger

The dark red eyes peered down at weird movement on a crooked box nears the object.” Oy who goes there?” the confused trolls said again as he nears the object. Jenson tries to run away but he sees something he would never like to see ever again. Scab-Spider. As troll reinforcements run inside the room to fight their threat Jenson Gordon and Jim run away when they had the chance.

Walking up to frosted mountains the tired band reach a cave to sit down and rest after all they have  been through. Inside the crowded cave Jensen grabs a small package his uncle gave him when he left to another island. It was a bow that he could protect himself with and his brothers. Suddenly, a loud crash came from outside .It was Scab-Spider now with more cuts and bruises from the battle and scary head hog bones hang from his belt. “going somewhere. nowhere I think.” The soldiers of spider hill were shining their guns and reloading them. Scab-Spider sent out two guards and they were ceased.

The capture

As Amber held tightly onto Fleck, she kicked herself for allowing them to be captured. The shopkeeper and the large pixie who had captured them sniggered as they pulled Amber and her brother back into the bright, colourful shop and bound them in ropes. It was only now the Amber noticed the smell of mould and the damp patches creeping up the walls. “Here’s the deal, little birdies,” the pixie growled, as Fleck whined and reached for a bar of chocolate sitting on the shelf. “I’m going to bring you back to those racoons and you’re going to make us very, very-” He was cut off as the shelf suddenly fell out of it’s place, Shards of wood and metal crashed to the floor, and debris covered the shop. As the cloud of dust cleared, it revealed the two kidnappers lying under a large wooden shelf and wincing in pain, and Fleck, who held a bar of chocolate as he looked around with a bewildered expression. Amber quickly picked up a pocketknife lying at her feet and cut her and her brother out of their ropes, then fled the shop with fleck in tow.  

When they were finally out of the underground village and in the fresh, green woods, Amber breathed a sigh of relief. Fleck, her little brother, the baby of the family, had saved their lives, and she was beginning to think of him as less of a responsibility and more of an aid to the journey. As they lay in the sun, giggling and murmuring to each other, Amber heard a faint squeal. When she saw it wasn’t Fleck, she warily stood up and walked over to the source of the noise – a baby racoon. Usually, if Amber saw a racoon, her first instinct would be to run in the opposite direction, but this one seemed so sweet, so innocent, and she couldn’t just leave it there… Before she could contemplate what she was doing, Amber bent over and picked up the small creature, cradling it gently in her wings. Suddenly, it grinned maliciously at her and before she could realise something was wrong, her vision went black.  

Amber woke up with Fleck concealed in a cage beside her. She watched with terror as raccoons marched up and down in front of them, preparing weapons and talking to each other in low, growling voices. Horror clutching at her, Amber realised what she was about to watch – the destruction of Elderflower hill.  

The truth

When Sparrow and Inadu heard the scream, they ran full speed to where their sister was. Hollow was ground and she was shaking in the cold. Her dark brown fur was turning into a pale white and her eyes were forced shut. Sparrow brought her to his chest and picked her and the bag up bridal style.  

While walking all the bunnies could picture the Snox’s face. Its body was like a fox but its teeth were like a venomous snake and very visible to the rabbit eye. It was slithering vermin trapped in the body of a fox. It’s red and green eyes were mesmerizing but if anyone saw them, they must resist. These phenomena were almost invincible. Spelled by the old Norse wizards, hares from the Darkness dive had to make a counter. The blade “Higgins” was constructed by the chief of the Hares of the Darkness dive “Sir Carro TB”, to dis-spell any unnatural creatures- natures mistakes. 

On their Journey Sparrow opened up the map to go to Trolls Bridge. When they arrived, the outside was battered.  It was going to be a problem if they wanted to cross. Hollow made the choice to stay under the bridge if they wanted to go through the maze and 3 trials of worth. As soon as they went under the bridge, the trolls fled. 

Soon after the trolls came with Snox. The chill in the air became warm. Trolls were said to be friendly. Inadu, Hollow and Sparrow tried to run but they were stopped by the Snox leader. The room began to spin for Sparrow. He was bitten. “That right there was a nice one. Anybody who tries to escape my painful ire of my blade will suffer at my wrath,” he said, Hollow looked up at him in shock, “My sweet bunny you look sad. Your brother will die in 24 hours. Take them to the maze. Let’s see if they will make it out alive” He continued with blood dripping from his teeth. They were taken into the heart of the maze hoping the hare of Darkness dive would heal their brother. 

Chapter 4 – Carrying on the journey to safety

Silently, a shadow crept out from behind a tree. Something ginger, something white, something furry. Turning around, Milo saw it was a trap. He quickly grabbed some carrots and ran. Then he remembered his parents gave him an object of some sort called, eternal transport. The instructions were easy, just shout the name of where you want to go.

He shouted, ” Oakwood forest.”

The transport (a sword) took him there. He had disappeared but the sword was snatched out of his hand by the fox.

“We have to leave, the foxes and wolves have found our trace.”

They set off and made their way past singing sands and to Watering Waterfalls. Watering Waterfalls was beautiful; they were like shimmering crystals forming one big whole.

3 little bunnies went and looked for a boat. Darcy found one small one, that had to do. They got on and little Millie fell asleep. BOOM! A loud bomb sound went off. This shook the water as if it was a big earthquake.

“Oh no,” said Darcy, ” I don’t like the sound of this.”

The duke of the foxes was there with an army.

” Come on, little bunnies. You know you won’t go far. ”

Terrified, the bunnies knew they had no choice but to give themselves up. For Milo had dropped the eternal transport.

Chapter 3 – Hunters

From his hiding spot behind the bins, Flame saw different Scythemen shouting to each other. Footsteps were everywhere, allowing an icy chill to reach into body and clutch on to his heart. Without warning, another group of Scythemen yelled over the fences. Through the darkness, the young cub could make out fox tails hanging from everything; their belts, their carts, the horses’ bridles. Suddenly, there was a flash of steel and cries of terror and rage ran out across the fields. Flame closed his eyes and covered his ears to shut it all out. He lay there, waiting for it to all be over. 

When he opened his eyes, there was a silence. Bodies were motionless as they lay dead. After gathering food, Flame raced up to the hayloft to alert his siblings. They were being hunted. So it was that later that day, they left the creaky building and escaped to Hangman’s Forest where they would have refuge. After they had dug a small hole, they settled down a little. They collected as many dry twigs as possible and lit a small fire. Outside, an icy wind crept in from the nearby moors. Inside, Amber and Obar roasted meat, carrots and onions over the flames. Later, as they lay there, cosy and no longer hungry, they read a letter Prickly had given them from their mother. Ember read it aloud quietly. She had told them that their father had died in this forest, not by the Scythemen, but by people far more terrible: hunters. They would have to be careful. Just as they were about to sleep, they heard a thunderous bang. Rough hands reached in and grabbed the scruff of their necks, before lifting them up. They were taking to a place full of horrifying weapons – the hunting ground.