Chapter 4 – Carrying on the journey to safety

Silently, a shadow crept out from behind a tree. Something ginger, something white, something furry. Turning around, Milo saw it was a trap. He quickly grabbed some carrots and ran. Then he remembered his parents gave him an object of some sort called, eternal transport. The instructions were easy, just shout the name of where you want to go.

He shouted, ” Oakwood forest.”

The transport (a sword) took him there. He had disappeared but the sword was snatched out of his hand by the fox.

“We have to leave, the foxes and wolves have found our trace.”

They set off and made their way past singing sands and to Watering Waterfalls. Watering Waterfalls was beautiful; they were like shimmering crystals forming one big whole.

3 little bunnies went and looked for a boat. Darcy found one small one, that had to do. They got on and little Millie fell asleep. BOOM! A loud bomb sound went off. This shook the water as if it was a big earthquake.

“Oh no,” said Darcy, ” I don’t like the sound of this.”

The duke of the foxes was there with an army.

” Come on, little bunnies. You know you won’t go far. ”

Terrified, the bunnies knew they had no choice but to give themselves up. For Milo had dropped the eternal transport.

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