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Daniel and Golden were  still in there,Skylor was running out of energy by all those bombs.

“Skylor,power off in 100 seconds countdown,”It warned.

They had to escape now or never.Golden,ran down into the emergency room.

“Daniel,come hear!It’s your chance to escape!”Golden shouted.

“Sorry Golden…I think it you’re job to deliver this necklace to my sweet Bella,”Daniel suggested.

Golden looked at the Sapphire necklace he had to deliver.No he couldn’t.

“Humans before mechanical,”Reminded Golden.

A bomb clashed.

“10,9,8,”Continues Skylor.

Suddenly,she shuts down.




Tom and Jerry are stuck inside a butterfly airship.The enemies keep shooting as fast  a cheetah catching its prey.Tom was a mechanimal, and Jerry was a human.

“Jerry,jump ,here’s my parachute!”shouted Tom as Jerry jumped off.

Then the enemies kept shooting and ten,Tom shot the enemies ship right at the propellers,and they went down.Tom was sooo happy!Also he won!



“come on Bingbong its over there” said bandit

“but what about the guardian” said Bingbong woriedly

“I have been attacked before i’ll deal with them” said tooth confidently

They all went for it.But what happend next.

The secret golden diamond

There are 2 main characters who are Jack and zack they escape high school and look for a very precious object called the golden diamond but they run into a haunted house Jack burst into the door and it dropped open and zack crept up the stairs with jack and something moved in the shadows                                    “is someone there” zack said.                                                                                                   ” relax” whispered jack.when zack looked back Jack brought a bag of maps and sweets.

the missing star

So the main characters escape from school to find towns hall special star to go on the Christmas tree  it has lights inside it to shine and it is very big and precious ,on Christmas Eve they light it up but they might not be able to this year only if someone can find it who ever finds it they will get a very special prize so someone save the precious star!

Star-precious object.

The Ruby Crystal Maguffin

Brooklyn and Macy ran out of school like tigers. They ran like their life depended on it just to find the Ruby Crystal. They’ve been on this search for years and it would mean alot to find it.

“Hey get back here” yelled the school security.

“You won’t be in trouble with us you’ll be in trouble with your parents” said the teachers. But we still made a run for it…


The village of Acuto is in danger ,and the spy tectors are going to save it! Lara escaped from school and told Jack and Maya to come with her. People in the village were scared of troublemaker Argo.

“Ahh!” screamed everyone .Argo let out the zoo and the animals running everywhere, Let’s save this village!

Prologue of Key heart

The cute cats escape from school to find there lost crystal marble gem.Lilly, Snowy and Fur-ball begin there journey.They find some glitter traces which lead to the evil masters lair.Lilly says ”guys isn’t this place very creepy and unsafe?”There’s a legend that says if you make a noise he will haunt you for the rest of your life.”the youngest cat Lilly says,                                                                                                                            ”Lilly that’s just a silly myth”says Snowy                                                                                                                          ”NO ITS NOT” comes a creepy voice, then out of nowhere a whole army enters and the fightback begins.



The magic maguffin

“Hurrough quick i can see the blue jewel give me the shovel!”

“Yes master Lila on my way!”

“The evil indigo dragons will take  control of us in in a second and people are looking for us!”

“Help me dig Hurrough!”


In the blink of an eye the blue jewel popped out of the soil.



Jone looked out of the death sky watching closely as the luner death drew close. He saw the cannons shatter the silver sky like the fire of a deathly dragon.There he heard it the reckless roar of the guns preparing for ignition  like vibraniam spears preparing to rip you to shreds. He sensed the burning smoke as sharp as ice. There he heard it leaping into the escape pod he pressed the launch button .